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Black Opinions

Really? Really??

By Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq.

As much as possible, I’ve been spending my evening hours viewing television and looking at the circus that’s formally labeled by the networks as the Republican National Convention. Granted, many viewers (and attendees) see it as a serious endeavor by one of two major political parties to present itself in the most favorable light it can to our citizens who will perform their civic duty and vote in the upcoming November election.

I, however, see it as a twisted reality drama starring Donald Trump, his family, and all of the Trump-detractors-turned-supporters who rise to spout the most divisive rhetoric broadcast in recent times. At its core, I see racism, misogyny, plus religious and ethnic intolerance making folks act stupid. I truly find some of what I’ve heard unbelievable! For starters, Rudy Giuliani’s claim that the phrase Black Lives Matter is racist!

As partisan as some might consider me, I’m eager to see the construct of political discourse based upon the legitimate concerns of the voting populace. Like many seasoned political observers, I’m of the belief that any ‘legitimate’ candidate or political party must present some type of affirmative agenda to be deserving of the support of any thinking voter. To date, I’ve seen nothing come from the Republican camp doing more than sparking politically prurient interest among the party faithful and/or those waiting to see the Republicans “crash and burn.”

Instead of articulating a coherent platform for civic betterment, we still hear Trump Republicans complaining about the ills of society and blaming them on President Obama. These same critics fail to speak honestly about the obstruction they posed in the House and Senate to many works of legislation that would’ve prove beneficial to the nation and given the President and his party a “political victory.” Those Republicans who’ve complained the longest and loudest about Benghazi and have used its associated deaths of Americans as a whipping post fail to admit that Republican legislators voted overwhelmingly to reduce the budget for world-wide embassy security.

Republicans still speak in sweeping terms about repealing “Obamacare,” yet offer nothing more. They just want to strip health insurance from over 30 million people and throw millions more back under the economic tyranny of insurance companies. Trumpian apostles join him in his kabuki theater of doom and gloom condemning people and policies while never saying in positive terms what can be or will be. What we do know is that they propose policies that reverse the advances made in rights for women and minorities.

We see them fighting to reduce the pool of eligible voters in order to secure political victories for candidates who, by virtue of their political agendas, could not otherwise realize success in the election process. Now that he has received his party’s nomination, what remains constant and incessant are the narcissistic declarations of candidate Trump and his vague meanderings and assurances that he will accomplish something H-U-U-UG-E!!!
(Dr. E. Faye Williams is National President of the National Congress of Black Women. 202/678-678)

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