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Reality Bites (Back)

By Sean C. Bowers

When one lives by the reality TV show persona, one’s political career and presidency dies by the reality TV show persona’s actions. It is a trial by fire.

When the un-woke are awakened, when the sleepy hamlets, the groggy townships, the rural dominions of America eventually come to understand that everybody is “NEXT” on “45s” “HIT” and “You’re Fired” lists. The absence of any facts is the total promotion of ALL truth’s demolition.

Every American home, not just the Neilson-TV-ratings-homes, contain Americans with American dreams of opportunity and prosperity. Those dreams and the slumber in which they occurred have been brought to fully awakened life in full-bandwidth-High-Def-living-color-surround-pound-sound.

We have-over the last four years, one the 2016 election campaign year and the last three years of 45’s presidency- been triangulated. Bold faces full of the full-faced about-faces on all the accepted moral values, in regards to vulgarity, lack of dignity, integrity, a complete disregard for civil respect, common decency, abandonment of the rules of law and the attempted destruction of governmental institutions’ procedures and social norms on catastrophic toxic levels.

Must-watch TV and news has become can’t (stomach) watch TV, press conferences, including circus style promotions and pontifications of fake announcements, and clearly untrue callousness in regard to our sacred American dream.

Negativity, repeated longer, louder and still louder, more often over closed loop networks from the Fox News sewer fire-hose spigot reinforces the conservative concocted cockamamie perspectives of dishonor and distrust-destruction of any threat to what they see as a threat to a version of an America they would like to see. Their American way is their number one goal.

The liars go through several phases in the current administration’s party.

Phase one: A controversial appointment process where said person is obviously not the best or correct choice to serve all America. “45” states what a great person said candidate is, who will then go on to do the best-ever job.

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Phase two: As time passes—days, weeks and months—said person in crucial position eventually drinks the Kool-Aid and becomes a co-signing contributor lie fabricator. Or they see the error of “45’s” ways, grow a backbone and do the right thing, regardless of the fear of backlash.

Phase three: Oppositional stands to “45’s” mandates cause said individual’s previously perfect record to be revised, then revealed, then publicly belittled, condemned, undercut, and fired.

Phase four: Once outside official capacities, said ex-45 administrational employees are distanced and used as shark chum for the central conservative base’s far-out-alted-altered-states-right.

Phase five: This is when the coming controversial trial, legal indictment and sentencing to the federal prison system occurs.

Phase six: Ex-appointee cabinet members become either “not a close-barely know them or I don’t even know them at all” type of person by “45.” They are abandoned and left to their own survival devices and legal fees.

Now all six phases are coming home to roost “on the record.” The impeachment hearings are being broadcast nationwide on all news channels wire-to-wire worldwide.

America can’t look away like rubber-neckers at a free-way accident. We are all drawn to the drama trauma of what is at stake. Nothing short of an impeachment “stake” through the heart of 45’s presidency will ever begin to atone for the sins and atrocities (that we know of) committed, so far.

Phase seven: The incorporation and profiteering rolled into the 2020 re-election campaign mass rallies’ conservative strongholds, by each conservative district. Tee-shirts and false debunk propaganda materials are then sold for contribution fundraising purposes. Like ex-Nazis, these ex-Confederates gather to morn the loss of a way of life they can’t understand won’t ever be mandated and superimposed onto OUR JUST America. At every turn, “45” narrows his circle of one to a smaller, less-intelligent, more un-coherent version of himself.

Now full screen, full speed ahead, full of it on every channel for all to see and witness, the lobster pot “TRUTH boil-down” comes to deliver us from his evil clutches. Live by the tweet and reality show style so now the conviction of your lack of convictions, your nonexistent-political-integrity and woeful moral-less career are about to bring your final curtain call.

“45,” Your Presidency, Sir, will be the first and last to die by the TV show spectacle. The heartlessness of your hype that you unnecessarily brought to America and then brought down upon yourself, (by YOUR own actions) is where we all now find ourselves.

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Either everyone is against “45” and you believe all 13,000+ lies he has told, or there is only and can only be one MOST-prolific liar, second to none. The about-to-be-ex-Commander (demander) in Chief front and center full-screen, cut and dry guilty as hell. The ratings got you a matching orange jumpsuit. Bravo, standing ovation.

The moral of the story is political death by self-adulation, broadcast to all in real time. It is the ultimate ironic tribute to all America’s freedoms of speech and our free press. With no “truth” floor, the uncapped (kneecapped) ceiling of infinite “lies,” became only his reality. The smoking guns of tweets and shooting his mouth off left this unmistakable burnt-orange Reality TV persona aroma hanging in the air like a new southern fried orange breaded ARRA-WHOREE-BOREE-ALICE in America’s night skies as a reminder and cautionary tale.

Sean C. Bowers is a local progressive youth development coach, author and poet, who has written for the New Journal and Guide the last twenty years. His latest book of NJ&G articles (2008-2019) detailing the issues will be available 6/6/2020. Contact by e-mail and he does do large scale solutions presentations.

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