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President Marcia Conston (center) with TCC Board Chair Cindy Free and Board Vice Chair Lynn Clements welcomed President Biden and Dr. Biden to the college. Courtesy of TCC

Hampton Roads Community News

President Makes Stop At TCC During Hampton Roads Visit

During their visit to Hampton Roads on Monday, May 2, President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden made several stops, including the Portsmouth campus of Tidewater Community College.

For student Jaidan Williams, the day will be one she will remember. Williams introduced Mr. Biden, who was there to talk about his administration’s Americans Family Plan, a proposed initiative to help working families.

The plan would create four additional years of free public education and make preschool free for all 3- and 4-year-olds. In addition, the plan would cover at least two years of community college for all students.

“Every child has the capacity to learn,” President Biden said. “We are going to add two years of community college for everyone. For some that will mean earning the credits necessary to transfer to a four-year university. Others will prepare for a career.”

President Biden also talked about increasing Pell grant funding to help break down barriers for students including the cost of transportation and childcare.

“This is a great day for TCC,” President Marcia Conston said. “I absolutely support this initiative because it’s good for our students and our community. Providing free community college education to everyone is a game-changer and will allow students to prepare for high demand careers without incurring any college debt.”

Jaidan Williams, who is graduating this month with an Associate of Applied Science in Cyber Security, said, “TCC has equipped me to become a well-rounded professional and student. My time at TCC included volunteer opportunities, internships and professional development. As a STEM Promise Scholar, I received a full scholarship, completely easing the financial burden of school.”

During their visit to TCC, the Bidens toured a heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) laboratory and watched a demonstration led by HVAC Professor and Program Head Harlan Krepcik.

“We need skilled technicians and the challenge we face is that the public views the trades as a last choice,” Krepcik said. “Many students would do well coming to community college and getting the hands-on training necessary to enter the skilled trades.”

First Lady Jill Biden, a Northern Virginia Community College English faculty member, has been teaching for more than three decades.

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Speaking of Virginia’s Community Colleges, the First Lady added, “Our schools accept everyone, and we offer classes that are flexible. We train students for real-world jobs and provide a strong foundation to

those who want to transfer to a four-year school.”

During the Bidens’ visit, they also made other stops in Hampton Roads, to include Yorktown Elementary School where the President talked with fifth graders.

Laura J. Sanford, TCC Public Affairs, contributed to this story

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