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PoliticsTrees 2016 Presidential Campaign – Hillary Rodham Clinton: Proverbs 31 Woman – Part 2

6. “ Hillary For President, endorsed by The Washington Post” “Hillary For President, endorsed by The Dallas Times.”
7. .”.. because she gets things done … listens to advisers … not going to start a revolution like Bernie Sanders … not going to blow things up like Donald Trump.” (Editor of Washington Post Editorial Board)
8. Hillary’s strong faith in Jesus Christ was born early and nurtured by Christian parents and The United Methodist Church. This has allowed her to take on her adversaries and foes knowing that “passing through the valley of Baca, to make it a well.” (Psalm 84:6) “For every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill made low: the crooked shall be made straight, the rough places plain: and the Glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.” (Isaiah 40:4)
9. Hillary has a gifted and formidable Intellect and an awe-inspiring stamina. She says , “ I never quit, whatever they may say about me, they can’t say I’m a quitter.” Hillary says proudly her father taught her, “ when you get knocked down, get right back up.”
10. Hillary exercised leadership even in High School. Her Valedictorian Speech was so provocative and politically proactive against the status-quo that Life Magazine printed a powerful story on her. In 1969, a paper circulated in college that Hillary would be the first woman president of the USA.
11. While in college, meeting Dr. Martin Luther King was transformative for Hillary. It marked the beginning of her activist-political life and the abandonment of her Republican roots. Hillary love for African-Americans was developed further as she served an internship under the powerful and wonderful African-American Marian Wright Elderman, Civil Rights Activist Lawyer, Children’s Advocate and Founder of The Children’s Defense Fund. Under Marian’s warm psycho-spiritual tutelage, Hillary was mentored to love and nurture the cause for human rights and to build on the truth of the African-American Legacy. For over 30 years, Hillary has championed the cause of Women’s Rights and Children’s Healthcare and Childcare. She has no political equal in this domain.
12. When Bill Clinton was kicked out the first time after two years as Governor of Arkansas, it was Hillary who magnificently organized his return to the Governor’s Mansion where they served for over a decade.
13. In 1991, Bill announced his candidacy for President. Hillary supported her husband saying,” what Democrats needed was a new message and a new messenger.”
14. Bill Clinton won the Presidency and served as America’s outstanding progressive President for two powerful terms. Hillary was the power behind the throne.
To Be Continued…

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