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Pastor's Corner with Dr. Melvin O. Marriner

Pastor’s Corner: Generational Differences – Part II

By Elder Gerald DeForest Tyler

Last week I began writing about “Generational Differences” and how it all plays out over time from culturally diverse, social, religious, and various other perspectives among people. I strongly suggest you read that column once again for continuity purposes as this is the conclusive piece. And for sake of clarity, though the number of years making up a generation varies somewhat, I’m stating here that familial generations in developed countries average between 25 to 30 years. There are numerous generations known to man including several in which we are at least somewhat familiar such as: the Silent Generation, New Silent Generation, Generation Y, Baby-Boomer Generation, Generation X and more.

I ended last week’s column by saying that much older white men in particular are least-likely to change their behavioral practices or mend their ways of doing things than are white women and younger Caucasians in general. In other words, many older white men today still possess the belief and slave-era mentality that they’re humanly supreme and better than other race people, and therefore, are not as likely to change their behavior toward races of people different from their own. I think older white men today, with exceptions of course, are not as likely to vote for a Black person to become president of the United States, whereas older white women and younger whites across the board will.

This concept and belief of human superiority held mostly by older white men has a lot to do with their parental training, upbringing, and life’s experiences. These things tend to drive and strongly influence their decisions, behavioral practices, and actions which are too often racist in nature. In great contrast today however, many and perhaps even most older white women along with probably the majority of younger white men and women, have come to both realize and accept the fact that all races of people were created equally with red blood flowing through their veins by The Sovereign God Jehovah! Sadly still though, it’s the majority of the older white men in America who need to realize and accept that no human race of people was ever created supreme to any other.

I wrote last week of how only a very few older white men would vote for a Black person to become president. That was just one example or case in point as I began to write about “Generational Differences.” Here’s another one. Even white teenage boys and girls in McKinney, Texas at the pool party incident – “get it” – that we were all created equal with crimson blood in our arteries and veins. Some of them spoke up, out, and against the white police officer’s racist tactics of how he singled out Black youth to harass, threaten, and use excessive force against some who were attending the pool party event.

Why even white teenage kids know quite well that Black people are hated, mistreated, and discriminated against mostly by older white men without any justifiable cause. In their eyes, all you need be is Black to be on the receiving end of their hateful behavioral practices and discriminatory actions. Granted, a lot of this stuff is judicial in nature, institutionalized, and cometh down from higher authorities where usually older white men are in the decision-making capacities with younger police officers following mandated orders in carrying out the racist desires and wishes of other people.

Nevertheless, and regardless of who carries it out, it is still the sin of racism – which God hates by-the-way! Due in great part to “Generational Differences” among the races of people in America today, younger white women and men “get it” that we’re all God’s created beings –even though many of their grandparents, great-grandparents, and other ancestors are still racist-haters.

There are some older people among us who need to be converted and humbled so that they become as innocent little children (Saint Matthew 18:3-4). The Bible also speaks of a child as a leader (Isaiah 11:6). Therefore, I say to older white men in particular, learn a godly lesson from white kids who readily interact with their peers of various other races without exhibiting hateful and racist behaviors. After 400 years of unrighteousness, I think it’s time to bury and never resurrect the sins of hate and racism ever again – don’t you? Then let’s keep praying that God will change hearts so that we can all love one another as we should. “Grace and mercy unto you, and peace and love be multiplied!”

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Gerald D. Tyler, an ordained elder with senior pastoral experience, has been a God-called practicing minister since 1977 teaching and preaching the salvation gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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