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On Super Tuesday Clinton, Trump Capture Virginia

Democrat Hillary R. Clinton and Republican Donald J. Trump reinforced their positions on March 1 toward winning their party’s nomination for President of the United States. Eleven states held primaries or caucus races on March 1, also known as Super Tuesday, and both candidates won seven states of those contests.

Both Clinton and Trump increased the number of delegates they will need to secure their party’s nomination by winning the primaries in the southern region.
The Old Dominion went to Clinton and Trump. Clinton won Virginia with 64 percent of the vote compared to Senator Bernie Sanders, who captured 35.2 percent of the vote. Both Clinton and Sanders visited the state before election day to rally supporters to their cause.

Clinton won a majority of votes in Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk and Virginia Beach, Trump won the same cities. But Florida Senator Marco Rubio came close to the billionaire businessman in Norfolk, Virginia Beach and statewide. In Virginia, Trump won 34.8 percent of the votes and Rubio won 32.0

Clinton’s win down South was secured by a large turnout by African American voters. While Sanders has been reaching out to Black voters, along the campaign trail, especially in Dixie, it seems that Clinton maintained her support among Black and Female voters.

While Clinton won with a strong turnout effort by the state’s Democratic party operation, Trump got almost no support from the GOP machine, as the national and state party leaders have been seeking to stop his effort to win the GOP nomination.
The party establishment fears that Trump’s anti-immigration sentiments about Muslims and Hispanics will hurt the party’s chances come November 8 during the General Election.

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