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Hampton Roads Community News

October 26: Group Requesting Donations of Hand Sanitizers In Conjunction With Film Screening on Haiti

On Thursday October 26, 2017, an event at the Naro Expanded Cinema will have a dual purpose.

The theater will screen Tariq Nasheed’s newest film, “The 1804 Movie.” It is the only screening of the film in Virginia and is a feature length documentary about the untold history of the Haitian revolution.

At the same event, Daniel’s Blessings Founder Candy Hayes is conducting a Pocket Hand Sanitizer Drive for Haiti’s children. Donations of pocket-sized hand sanitizers will be collected in front of the box office, beginning at 7 p.m.

Hayes noted that during one of her last visits to weather ravaged areas of Haiti she noticed how the children’s hands were dirty and unsanitary. She decided that in addition to the relief her organization was currently providing to Haiti, they would work to ensure a higher quality living conditions by providing each of the children with Hand Sanitizers.

Daniel’s Blessing was created in 2010 after the tragedy that came to Haiti a little over six years ago. After seeing the devastation caused by the earthquake and the faces of those children God put it on Hayes’ heart to help in anyway that she could.

Since the earthquake her organization has made several visits to the children of Haiti in the small villages outside of Port Au Prince. Each year they have been able to bring a little more joy to those children and to assist with their educational and personal needs. During recent visits, Daniel’s Blessings was able to take over 500 dolls and other toys trucks to the boys and girls. Daniel’s Blessings may be contacted by visiting or calling (757) 404-6235.

The1804 Movie: The Hidden History of Haiti is a new compelling yet controversial film that was produced and directed by the controversial creator of the critically acclaimed Hidden Colors documentary series Tariq Nasheed.

Details on the 1804 Movie can be found on and it’s trailer may be found on Youtube. The screening of the film will begin at 8 p.m. at the Naro Cinema in Norfolk, Virginia.

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