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Black Arts and Culture

Norview High Student Publishes Book Trilogy

By Leonard E. Colvin

Chief Reporter

New Journal and Guide

These days one of the biggest challenges facing parents is getting their children to read for pleasure, by cracking a book or electronic devices like a kindle or tablet.

The reading habit, educators say, bolsters a child’s performance in the classroom and in life.

But Dion Davis does not have that problem. Not only is her 16-year-old daughter Christina an avid book worm, the Norview High School junior is a talented writer.

Christina Davis has published her “Daddy’s Legacy” trilogy. The first “Rise of Harmony” came out last December; in February “The Final Ride was published; and the following month, “Harmony’s Revenge” was released.

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She released them under the CoCo Publishing which she created herself.

“Daddy’s Legacy,” according to Christina Davis, is a compilation of three very short books, but are reflective of the more tamed version of the urban fiction genre she has consumed over time dating back to pre-junior high years.

“Daddy’s Legacy” is about a teen named Harmony, who discovers that her drug dealing father has met his demise on the night of her graduation from high school.

Davis said a letter is given to Harmony from her father detailing his farewell wishes, including instructions on how to access a huge stash of money he has amassed from his illicit enterprise.

She moves from North Carolina to New York and unites with a little known sister and begins evolving into the queen of her father’s drug empire throughout the three books.

The young author says that the book has an engrossing plot with a number of surprises and intriguing twists and turns the teen scribe threw into the mix.

Davis laces the plot with a moral message which allows the story to play out on a high moment, where the main character follows a less obnoxious path in life toward the end.

The young author is not idolizing the lifestyle or path any one of the characters pursues but hopes the readers will grasp the message reflecting a more positive outlook on life.

“This book is about a lot of things I read about or what I see and hear about in literature and life,” said Christina. “I am not involved in anything like this, nor is my family. But I think the plot and the characters are good people whom my readers may be able to identify with.”

Davis says that she is still adjusting to the small amount of notoriety she has received from her friends, family and teachers “who can’t believe I am a writer.”

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Dion Davis says that her daughter has handled the success of her books very well.

“I am very quiet,” the author said. “When I tell people I have written three books, they can’t believe it. My teachers get excited and talk about my work in class. My books are about lives and people I have read about. I know a lot of people will be able to relate.”

Her mother Christina has been part-editor, promoter and motivator for her talented daughter. She can be seen hovering near at one of the book signings she has organized for Christina since the books hit the market.

She said she has steered her daughter clear of steamier, violent and overly erotic urban literature of Zane and other.

Her favorite writer of the urban genre is “Lady P” who has a mix of urban romance and intrigue without all of the blood and gore.

“I have always encouraged her to read and I was so pleased when she wanted to write stories which developed,” said Christina Davis. “At this point, she is excited about writing and I hope she keeps it up and develops into one of the best.”

If you are interested in the Christina Davis’ works and how to get copies go to

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