Naomi Created A Family

By Gladys McElmore


Naomi survived her two sons and her husband. She masked grief abruptly and apparently embraced and explored options for a better lifestyle by leaving Moab and returning to the land of Judah. Whether she knew it or not, God was with her all the way on that awesome journey to a new life.


God can implement new plans; spotlight our greatest strengths without letting us experience complete failure amid family hardships.


Being as human as we are, Naomi was extremely bitter and wanted to change her name because she felt angry towards God. She must have felt enormous loss. Naomi felt so devastated, depressed and uncertain that she asked her daughters-in-law to return to their families. Ruth, however, remained (1:16-18) and made faith, unquestionable, the victory in their lives. Thank God for the indescribable gift of love. Thank Him for opportunities to include new people. Despite feelings of despair, let us continue preparing ourselves in numerous ways to receive God’s blessings as we reposition ourselves to show love and concern.


Meeting Boaz was a challenge of a lifetime! The spotlight focused on a wealthy bachelor, an in-law to Naomi who was incredibly competent to function as a family matriarch once again in life. Without knowing it at that time, she would later be forever grateful to God for the redemption of Ruth by Boaz, the Kinsman-redeemer who made an incredible difference in Naomi’s life. God with His infinite wisdom and supplemental relief provided by Boaz, caused Naomi to have experienced a new family life. Read Naomi’s match-making plans in chapter three which benefitted her indirectly.

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Interestingly enough, long term happiness and an enhanced family life followed. Naomi’s entire life glorified God. The book of Ruth has many messages for us today. We can allow the life-changing wisdom of the Bible when seeking to make decisions. God’s plans outweigh our expectations and He uses us to accomplish much within His will. It is exciting to learn about this mixed marriage between an Israelite man and an Arab woman which produced a family of Kings including David, Israel’s greatest leader; Solomon, the wisest man on earth; and much later Jesus Christ, the King of Kings!


God gave Naomi a most loyal daughter in-law, a new son or grandson or however Obed might have been classified. He was someone to love and care about. God’s faithfulness is always present to guide us as we nurture an adult or a child.Naomi looked at her present situation as she left Moab, but she also looked past that to what could have been endless possibilities with Boaz helping to create close family ties. With these reportedly mysterious circumstances and carefully strategic thinking in chapter three, Naomi embraced a new journey, a makeover and a catalyst for a booming different life.


God helps us to create or maintain a family lifestyle despite inheritable inconveniences. We can always trust God to provide our needs on time and show us great things that we never imagined possible! God reminds us in His word of the safety in following His commands when countless problems face us. Trust and obey and wait on Him without following Satan’s bailouts!


Mrs. Gladys McElmore, a resident  of Norfolk’s Middle Town Arch Community, is a New  Journal and Guide Freelance Contributor on religion. She is a native of Essex County, Va.


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