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Mt. LIE-MORE Hits 10,000

By Sean C. Bowers

The ever growing Pinocchion-size mountain of lies from 45 begs the question, which lie is the biggest most egregious lie, the under-girding lie upon which all the other lies are supported?

Being the birther-baby-boondoggle beginner lying kit originator, fake “Mr. T.” tapped into his and America’s not-so-secret-hatred of anyone not White. He became the poster child of “obstruct all that Obama does, did and stands for,” solely because he is Black. This was the core lie at its root level that America allowed herself to swallow from this proven lie-Master. Not wanting to admit 400 years of White rulers’ injustices, Trump decided to scapegoat the one president who stood to unite America’s ideals, principles and souls during his presidency.

The second lie on the hit list is the amassed fraudulent empire built with untruths, lie by lie, from the ground up, until the tower tippy-topples over- this idea stolen from his own dad, in true “WANGSTA” fashion.

The third lie on our count up, is our President’s Charlottesville’s “Both Sides Now” explanation -the antithesis of Joni Mitchell’s famous song of life advancement and empathetic understanding.

The fourth lie referred to is “my-lying-eyes,” deliberately misleading the 2016 inauguration crowd size (a fraction of Obama’s, in actual SIZE) so much smaller that it stretched emptily across the National Mall on highlighting Cracker White tarps for even more visual evidence. Nicknamed the “Sean Spicer (liar,)” who walked the gang plank to an early zero credibility, administrational death. This was as their first actual (Presidential) lie.

The fifth lie is the tax plan that only benefits the already wealthy. Nothing ever trickles down.

The sixth lie (my favorite,) “bone spurs deferments,” used five times to avoid the Vietnam War draft service, from the “tough guy” who has only had his lawyers beat up and sue other people. He’s that hero “wanna-be” type who attacked actual American war hero, John McCain, now dead. (Note: Frederick Douglass is also dead, but would oppose you then and now- see Poet Nathan Richardson’s historical plantation-al re-enactments.)

The seventh lie is the combined lack of tax-returns, college and prep-school transcripts and substantive background information. Instead we get suppression scare tactics and intimidation.

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The eighth lie is our entire health care system torn apart with no back-up plan for all Americans, branded “Obama-care” by the Brander- and- Quweef.

The ninth lie is his claim to have won the 2016 election popular vote because of non-existent unproven illegal alien votes.

The tenth lie at the top of our Presidential lie list is that we are better off with you and that you will win in 2020. You and your ilk can spout that lie until you are democratic “Blue” in the face. It won’t ever make it true, no matter how many times you tell it or how much you long for it to be true.

The key is to remember the 10,000 lies number is just a starting point of your new low, preparing to go lower (higher in actual count, not content.) The same lies are being repeated in the FOX NEWS echo chamber for the really-want-it-to-be-that-way, far right.

When “you can’t recall,” 37 times out of a possible 50 questions in the Muller report interview, you have proven the biggest liar of all time case, yourself. But the clock is still ticking and we all know you can’t help yourself. Your surname used to mean a high card suit in spades and bridge card games. But from now on, it will forever symbolize and mean hi-jacking the truth into active lies, in progress, in perpetuity. People will refer to you and your excuse for an administration and this four- year period of American history as the age of, the art of that lying guy.

Words like cheat, defraud, intentionally mislead, character assassination, falsely testify, giving and be a false witness, and accounts will forever bear your name, branded by your own branding machine lying mouth. History’s record will correct and fact check every last one of your 10,000 plus lies you tell, told, and are video taped on the public record of your ownership.

The eleventh lie is the cluster of twenty women’s abuse allegations that we all know were way more than “Locker Room Talk.”

Rounding out our “Top twelve Clock Strikes Midnight liar’s timepiece, is the yet to come doozy, “I won the 2020 election.”

America is getting her torches and pitchforks ready for that one. That is the last lying “TRUMP” card, for you to play. You won’t stop there, it’s in your blood, it’s who you are.

You Sir, are the (Hans Solo,) Solo Hall of Fame Biggest liar of all. You should be alone in a glass case, with the warning for what went wrong with America in 2016-2020. You Made America Gross Again.

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Sean C. Bowers is a local progressive youth development coach, author and poet, who has written for the New Journal and Guide the last twenty years. His recent book of over 120 NJ&G articles detailing the issues is available at and he does do large scale solutions presentations.

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