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More Bang For Your Voting Buck (Shot)

By Sean C. Bowers

Let’s support one person-one vote, an idea that has come of age. Each educated voter check politicians’ boxes, proving that we, the people, are fair and balanced. Integrity outweighs ineptitude. Honesty and humility are coveted vital leadership traits. Common sense is even more valuable than $$$$.

Voters choose their politicians. Politically drawn districts do not choose their voters. If the vote does not favor the vote, voter or individual, it is not, a full stop, full force, act of intention. Too often we experience the full weight of the American infrastructure against us, an individual American citizen.

Is it more important to have cheap $2.00 gas in the short-term? Is that worth losing our Democracy for the long-term by electing these professional political (PH)-ellons, who have sick & suck-a-fantly, blood-sucker-style, leached our nation to our present state?

Is a corporation’s rights more important than an individual’s rights? Is our profit margin more important than the people’s rights when we make that profit off of them? Do we value the right for an 18-year-old’s AR-15 machine gun purchasing access and ownership rights more than the rights of first and second graders of Sandyhook and Uvalde elementary schools who were murdered by said 18-year-olds?

Will it be allowed to come to a time when 10-year-olds are the killers shooting toddlers instead of being killed?

Do our little girls, young ladies, and grown women have any say or rights about their bodies that old White men want to decide for them, while systematically underpaying them, sexually conquestualizing them, using predatorily-professional-political-(PH)-ellons style?

Is it more important to (hyper-warlike) arm the police with military-style equipment than it is to educationally dis-arm the nation’s public-school systems’ racially and class-based oppressed teenagers?

Do we prevent justice with secret grand-juries? Are catch-and-kill, gag-orders, non-disclosure agreements, golden-handcuffed contracts all just legal loop-hole slavery work-arounds that Whites have mainstreamed as the undergirding to our system of laws? It is illegal to own a slave, but perfectly acceptable to want to own the LIB’s of an opposing party, to own another’s voice, their mental intellectual property and prosperity, or to OWN their silence?

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Is it more important to lie, and to deny our full history? CRT! Whites are worried about “the stress” of their kids reading about factual history—about Truth. Is the strain of that lesson on little Donald and Karen more or less than the strain of slavery was to the people who were made to suffer and endure it for hundreds of years at the hands, perhaps, of little Tommy’s and Karen’s not-so-distant-White-relations who profiteered from said scheme?

Does living with and around people who are different from us expand our understanding of ourselves and them? Or does living apart, segregated as is, ever stand a chance of closing the great racial, financial, housing, employment, resources, equitable and equality divides?

Is America smart enough, brave enough, and courageous enough to save herself (via our votes) in the upcoming 2022 and 2024 local, state and national elections? Will we break the grip of the proven professional political (PH)-ellons PHi-ancial PH-at-form, in perpetuity, perpetually?

(Disclaimer: All lies, exaggerations, and dishonest stretches of the truth by the Right are for your best interest. Any wrongdoing is merely coincidental, accidental, a mistake. Never would we knowingly continue to calculate, make, fake, and take advantages you and your family could never recover from. We’ve found God and turned our back on Him(/Her,) for the bank, the loot, the straight cash, Homie!)

The point is to vote for justice, with the real growing chance the Right won’t do right, won’t act right, won’t be right and they will try to genuinely steal what they couldn’t in the 2020 election. These two upcoming elections are not about inflation, gas prices, the economy, or the war in Ukraine. These last two ballots are about accountability for the January 6th’s coup, women’s rights, equal rights, our democracy’s justice, peace, and equitable equality forever.

It is time to put up or shut up, for good. We need more good people to off-set the minus-1’s from the Right with their guns sighted on us and our democracy.

Sean C. Bowers has written the last twenty-four years, as a White Quaker Southern man, for the nations’ third oldest Black Newspaper, the New Journal and Guide, of Norfolk, VA, about overcoming racism, sexism, classism, and religious persecution. Some of his latest NJ&G articles detailing the issues can found by searching “Sean C. Bowers” on the NJ&G website. Contact him directly on social media at or by e-mail NNPA 2019 Publisher of the Year, Brenda H. Andrews (NJ&G 34 years) has always been his publisher.

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