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May 20: Shiloh Baptist To Host Community-Wide Workshop

“Leading people to Christ is a primary goal for every Christian, but finding ways to reach that goal can be challenging.”

That’s from the registration form for “Moving Forward in Evangelism 2017,” a workshop set for Saturday, May 20, from 9 am to 2 p.m., at Shiloh Baptist Church, 745 Park Avenue in Norfolk.

The workshop is designed to provide tools needed by members of any evangelism or missionary ministry interested in meeting the challenge. It is the brainchild of Deacon Ernie Williams, leader of Shiloh’s Evangelism Ministry.

“I think evangelizing is one of the most important things a Christian can do,” says Williams. “After all, it is a command from our Lord and Savior.” But a “lack of knowledge, not knowing how to go about it makes it difficult for some to evangelize.”

Hence, the need for “new information, different ways of doing things,” Williams says. That’s why presenters with different skill sets have been invited to share their knowledge and skills with workshop attendees.

The workshop will begin with 9 am registration and a continental breakfast.. Then, Shiloh’s senior pastor, Dr. Keith I. Jones – a strong advocate of bible study, prayer and evangelism – will explore the “Theological Framework of Evangelism.”

Three presenter-led, how-to sessions – each with Q&A opportunities – will follow.

• Pastor Jim Wood, senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Norfolk, will discuss “How to Reach Different Folks.” A PhD. candidate in Global Leadership at Regent University, Wood has led dozens of mission teams to Russia. Guatemala, Kenya, Sudan and elsewhere. At First Presbyterian, Wood has championed the “Sticky Faith” movement, bringing all ages and stages together on the faith journeys. He is passionate about outreach.

• Rev. Dr. Shelton Murphy, senior pastor of Mount Gilead Missionary Baptist Church in Norfolk, will offer “Helpful Hints” for leading individuals to Christ. He has served in educational, military and correctional settings. Mount Gilead has grown tremendously- – structurally, membership and program-wise – during Murphy’s 16-year leadership.

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• Rev. Dr. Joy Carrington, director of campus ministries at Norfolk State University, will lead a session on “Effectively Reaching Millennials-Generation Y.”

Conference registration fees are $20 for individual adults, $10 for students with school identification, and $15 each for adult groups of 10 or more. For more information or to register, please call Shiloh at 625-4367.

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