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Black Church News in Virginia

Marriner’s Moments – Saving Mankind: Christ’s Act of Kindness – Pt. 4

Christ’s act of kindness of saving mankind can never be repaid, but that should not stop us from trying to live a life worthy of His sacrifice. We have all heard the saying, “don’t tell me, show me.” If we profess to love our Lord and Savior, how are we demonstrating that love on a daily basis? Do we spend time with Him? Do we have a desire to learn about Him and His characteristics (reading the Bible)? Do we listen to what He has to say to us (quiet time)? What do we do to please Him? How often do we speak to Him (prayer)? Do we desire to emulate Him? If we want to have a true and loving relationship with Christ, we can show it by developing a genuine, loving, lasting and deep relationship with Him.

If we want the blessings of God, then we must learn to trust, love and obey God; that comes when we spend time with Him, getting to know Him, and learning who He is, not just what He can do for us. In other words, this kind of love and appreciation comes when WE become spiritually mature. Remember, Jesus didn’t come into the world ready to be crucified on the cross. He had to wait, grow and mature, until it was time.

Each day Christ grants us grace, unmerited favor (God’s riches at Christ’s expense). There is nothing we can do to deserve the grace that is extended to us, but every now and then we should remind ourselves of what God has already done for us; what He has sacrificed for us. We must remember His act of kindness – saving mankind – and ask ourselves if we are deserving of that depth of sacrificial love.

”Peace and power.

© Dr. Melvin O. Marriner,
Grove Church
April 2017

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