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Marriner’s Moment: Harmony, Happiness and Hope – Part 2

The holidays can be a stressful and sometimes depressing time of the year, if we allow it to be so. However, we can and should choose to approach this season with joy, hope and love.
If we – children of God – walk around looking hopeless, downtrodden and inviting people to our ‘pity party’, then how can we expect to bring harmony, happiness and hope into the world? Sure, there are days when just getting up and getting out can be a struggle, but if we take time to thank God for the things we take for granted – our health, family, and the very breath that we breathe – we have reasons to be thankful. Just being alive and ‘clothed and in our right mind,’ should give us reasons to rejoice, praise God and let our light shine in the world.

Ask yourself this: if you feel and look defeated, why should anyone want to get to know your God? We can bring others to Christ by refusing to look like what we’ve been through. We must learn how to live even though we are in a place that is subject to evil. Remember, no matter what the world says, we are victors – kings and queens, heirs to the throne – so adjust your crown, show up with a smile and let your light shine in the darkness of this world!

Our attitude must not be a reflection of what’s happening around us. Yes, we grieve, we hurt, and we become discouraged. And, while I don’t advocate wearing a mask, I do suggest that – through our tears, pain and grief – we must hang onto the hope that we have in and through Christ. The fact of the matter is, not many of us share our missteps with the world; we’re too busy looking as if we have everything together. We could instill much more hope in others, by sharing our testimonies, being transparent, and helping others to see the God in us, and helping them understand that He loves us and has shown Himself faithful to us, even ‘in our stuff.’ Others need to know that Christ is not looking for perfection. Our relationship with Christ is a process and all we can do is strive for perfection.

Enjoy the holidays and may this be a season of harmony, happiness and hope – no matter what!

Peace and power.

© Dr. Melvin O. Marriner, Grove Church
December 2017

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