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Marriner’s Moment: From REjection to REsurrection: Pt. 4

Pastor Marriner
By Pastor Melvin O. Marriner
Grove Church

Oftentimes, a wounded spirit is the result of a RE-action to negative words, events, actions, or a violation of individual rights. Rejection can crush us and knock us down to a place where it seems we cannot rise … IF we let it! Moreover, it is difficult to heal ourselves of a wounded spirit, but through prayer, healing can and does occur. We must be open and receptive to not only praying, but also listening to God.

Be prepared for what the Lord gives us. We must be ready to handle the timing and anointing of God’s appointment. Sometimes that means taking authority over negative words spoken, or past, negative experiences that haunt our present. It may also mean letting go of some unnecessary baggage that may come in the form of friends and relatives. There’s a quote that says, “everybody that came with you, can’t go with you.” When it’s time to rise up, we cannot have past or unnecessary baggage hindering or weighing us down.

Don’t attend every battle/fight to which we are invited. There are plenty of miserable and unhappy people in the world, who want and need company. They are hurt, disappointed and angry. They are not doing anything to get out of their rut and they do not want to see others succeed. Hurt people, hurt people. Don’t engage them; walk away with God’s purpose and vision for your life intact. Some of the most powerful people are the ones who are relentless and rely on God, not people. They refuse to be deterred or boxed in. They see themselves going higher, being more than conquerors, despite their circumstances or the discouraging words of others. Don’t let your inability to see the finish line discourage you from reaching for your dreams. Each of us has authority over our reality. Seize yours as you go from REjection to REsurrection!

© Dr. Melvin O. Marriner,
March 2016

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