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Lt. Gov. Candidate Justin Fairfax Draws Huge Crowd For Chesapeake Democratic Committee Fundraiser

Lt. Governor Candidate Justin Fairfax assisted the Chesapeake Democratic Committee with a record setting crowd in a joint fundraiser Sunday, August 6 in the home of Dr. Pat King. Close to 100 people attended the event that was initially coordinated by Chesapeake Councilwoman Ella Ward and Dr. King when they presented their idea to candidate Justin Fairfax during the State Democratic Convention in February.

After the June 13th Primary was captured by Fairfax, Ward and King put their plan into action along with Les Smith, the Chair of the Chesapeake Democratic Committee, and the event was an overwhelming success with elected officials and supporters from across Hampton Roads. Other hosts included Drs. Bill and Rose Ward, Mr.& Mrs. Willie Brown, and Mr. Herman L. Ward.

Third District Congressman Robert C. “Bobby” Scott and several state and local elected officials attended the event to help raise money for both the Chesapeake Democratic Committee and Lt. Governor Candidate Justin Fairfax. They included Delegate Cliff Hayes, who represents the 77th District in the General Assembly; Newport News Mayor McKinley Price; Suffolk City Councilman Lue Ward; Portsmouth’s Commonwealth Attorney Stephanie Morales; and the lone locally elected Democratic official in Chesapeake, Dr. Ella Ward. All were active participants with setting the record for the event.

Democratic candidates for state office in addition to Del. Hayes, who is running for re-election, were Kelly Fowler, running for House of Delegates 21st District, and Kimberly Tucker, running for House of Delegates in the 81st District. Other candidates attending to give their support to Fairfax and the committee were Kevin O’Brien, who is running for Clerk of Court in Chesapeake; Suffolk Councilman Lue Ward, who is running for Commissioner of the Revenue in Suffolk; John Bell, who is running for Sheriff in Virginia Beach; and Stephanie Morales, who is running for re-election as Portsmouth’s Commonwealth Attorney.

Former Chesapeake Mayor Bill Ward, former Chesapeake Councilman Dwight Parker, former Suffolk Councilman Charles Brown, and former Chesapeake School Board member Benita Billingsley-Harris were also among the supporters for the event. Mr. Clint Jenkins, 3rd Congressional District Democratic Chair, was among the many well-wishers who attended Sunday’s event.

“The attendance, enthusiasm, and financial support received for Justin and the Chesapeake Democratic Committee truly exceeded our expectations,” co-coordinator Ella Ward exclaimed as people continued to pour into Dr. Pat’s home. “We were truly excited to see this level of support for Justin Fairfax and for the committee,” she added.

“The Chesapeake Democratic Committee will be assisting candidates Ralph Northam for Governor, Justin Fairfax for Lt. Governor, and Mark Herring for Attorney General with phone banking, canvassing, and distributing literature as we move toward the November 7th election with renewed enthusiasm after this event,” said Dr. Ward.

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