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Local Voices: Web of Infinite Lies



When the truth is always the first casualty, we all should know what comes next, at our expense.

When we have been around people who lie, usually the lies are small, (“little white lies”) made up out of necessity, or to formulate a path of escape or to cover our tracks. In these cases, the lies start off simple and only graduate to complex lies when absolutely needed.

We all know it is easier to just be truthful. Lies are harder to remember than the truth. As lies are piled one on top of another, they become unstable, off-balance, and run the real risk of toppling over, exposing the real truth to the light of day.

When one has blatant disregard for truth and facts, they seek to change others’ opinions, not of the truth, but of the messenger. In this case, it seems all of the media and their credibility are being questioned (except FOX News who is just a far right mouth piece) if they dare to disagree with the current (so-called) leader in question. Either the media has built their entire career path on being dishonest, or the current Commander-in-Chief is the real professional liar.


First of all, real men let others proclaim their greatness; only narcissists, ego maniacs and habitual liars proclaim their own self-perceived “best-ness.”

Second, when all your court interactions end in gag order settlements, it means you buy other people’s silence with your money so the real truth doesn’t ever get out.

Third, when you are raised with money, in the top 1% world where the best private schools – the Whartons and the Harvards – teach the ancient dark arts of hair-splitting truth, manipulating, and how to live with yourself, your new abilities to lie are based on how profitable lying is. Never is lying judged, based on how many people it hurts. This is called the “look-the-other-way” alibi.

Even though Mr. Peacock was in the Conservatory with the gas cans and the lighter in his pocket, because his daddy (Big-Bucks) is a large donor, the only person in the room said he didn’t see or hear anything. That is called “playing dumb.”

Then the “pin-the-lie-on-the-innocent-victim” becomes the name of the game. They find some minority person who doesn’t have money to defend themselves in court and the innocent takes the fall, takes the rap. They frame the poor, the naive in their traps using the systemic plea bargaining pattern of silence though lack of stolen away voter representation.


When you know you are lying, but you want to keep it simple with a yes or no option, that’s one thing. When you have long forgotten the truth, having lied your whole life using your lies and money to profit from others (the little guys,) we see a different profile emerge- a Grand Master Liar.

The Grand Wizardry of this colossal liar is an ability to freestyle fabricated lies on the fly with infinite options, instead of the simple, one-option lies used by the rest of the world’s unprofessional liars.

“Lies with options” are akin to derivatives. They both take small bits and bytes of truth, repackage and repurpose them. The end result is toxic deadly general consumption.
It looks and sounds a lot like this simple lie for the true novice. Your girl asks you, “Are you on your way home?” on the phone. As you are driving your car in the opposite direction, you answer, “Yes.”

The winter wonderland whitest of white hot devilish liars spits forth constructing a multidimensional super-structure PHAT platform on which to hang as many lies as needed to get the job done, the story believed and swallowed whole.

The want to be Dreamweaver: “Of course I’m not driving, I’m not even looking where we’re going, I told them to bring me home. If they didn’t I didn’t do it and they’ll take the fall, for me.”


Or: “We were attacked by invisible dark-skinned illegal alien terrorists from another planet who want to take our jobs. They took advantage of me. I’m the victim here.” Donald Dreamweaver, or the ultimate Con-Man, people deceiver.

Even as much as he wants to mute(ilate) the media in this case, with this headcase, the truth speaks volumes.

Sean C. Bowers is a local progressive youth development coach, author and poet, who has written for the New Journal and Guide the last eighteen years. His recent book of over 120 NJ&G articles detailing the issues is available at and he does do large scale solutions presentations.

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