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Local Voices: ‘The Donald’ McNutty Clown

By Sean C. Bowers

The unwinding of political decency and respectful discourse started over a year ago with seventeen to twenty “right-out-of-their-minders, vying for the Republican party’s nomination as the “most right” presidential candidate for the 2016 election. Since then we have unfortunately been witness, or more accurately held hostage, to the nation’s primary process. As in any B-level horror film, we have witnessed the unthinkable, heard the unfathomable and the watched inconceivable occur. This joke-of-a-1,000-punch-lines candidate has morphed into an unhinged, untethered, walking, talking Macy’s day parade giant balloon killer, – a silver tongued bronze-hair pieced, gold-encrusted Teflon “Don,” complete with all manner of lack of manners.

This “insult-the-comic” candidate puts down others while stepping over the fallen: dead-ended wanna be pres’s, reporters, news anchors, immigrants, moderators, women, POWS, minorities, grieving parents, mass shooting survivors, and the BLACKS. We have all, at one time or another, become victims in his “insult’em-all” climb for the top. What has become startlingly clear: this guy has tapped into something raw and ugly, a last nerve, as some would call it. He has made hate and physical violence again an acceptable part of the debate. Tragically lost in this candidate’s not-playing-with-a-full-deck game of 52-Pick up are the facts, innocence and transparency, on this, the most ever mental rollercoaster ride, “the Ronald.”

Since the campaign began, his goals have been simple. Lead every 24 hour news cycle with a short headline story that forces the media, Americans, and the rest of the world to gasp and then react. This accomplishes two things: it keeps the “Dump” name squarely in a front and center on camera position. It has been estimated that the unpaid for media coverage for “the BOMB-ALD” has been more than for all of the other candidates combined. The list of daily outrageous quotes, antics, headline-grabbers, rumors, and innuendos need only must be shocking, out of bounds, and salacious enough to grab the American public’s already short attention span and shorten it even further.

By name-calling and branding his opponents with an insulting word or nickname- “low energy,” “little,” “crooked,” “lying,” “fat,” “captured,” “unsuccessful,” “ugly,” “short,” “bigot,” or “soft,” his opponents are strategically reduced to a third grade taunting mentality that most of us out grew and left on the middle age’s playground. His mind ploy to employ the labeling system causes the public to think more about the label than the candidate.

This O.G. (Original Gangster) Trump relation started a multi-national, international, empiristic world approach to power. He itemized, deducted, law-suited, bank- rumpted, taxes with-held, off-shored, lobbied, re-fied, leveraged,  his then- new ponzi schemed monopoly version of a business into a hologramic (perceived) success the “old fashioned way,” he earned it, by everyone he burned.

Today we lay at his doorstep of his descent, the result of a crossbreeding of selfishness and self-centeredness on a colossal level; picture Godzilla in downtown Tokyo, or King Kong scaling that “Dump Tower,” empire headquarters. (Can you get any more mirrors or gold objects in there?) So now the battle has to come down to one, because only one can leave the dome that only two have entered.

The choice of complete service vs self-service in the two candidates has never made us more nervous. It is wicked on a whole scale level vs one that knows the working end of a shovel. We see what appears to be a complete idiot reject versus a candidate (no matter how imperfect) with lifetime of representing upping the underdog’s chances. Our choice? The perceived mentally unfit versus a candidate whose resume is actually legit.

Our mission is to take what we have learned during the last year from over- exposure to one of these candidates and use our voting voice to make a wise thoughtful choice. When a nut looks, thinks, speaks, acts, sounds, tweets, emails, posts, interviews, debates, campaigns, and stumps like a nut, there can only be one conclusion. America is smart enough to reject the fear attempting to negatively backseat drive us back in time.

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Do your job, America. Take us into a future with tolerance and compassion, instead of meanness and misogynistic class-based bigotry. We are still the key to unlocking the past chains, attempting to be reapplied today. We are the voting booth lever to knock out this loser once and forever, for all. 

Sean C. Bowers is a local progressive youth development coach, author and poet, who has written for the New Journal and Guide the for seventeen years. His recent book of over 120 NJ&G articles detailing the issues is available via e-mail at and he does make large-scale solutions presentations upon request.

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