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Local Voices: New Bogus Affordable Health Care Act

Did you see the photographs in the media of the Republicans from the House of Representatives rejoicing over the passing of a bogus American Health Care Act (AHCA), to Repeal and Replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?

The AHCA bill will cause an estimated 24 million Americans to lose their health insurance. It was ridiculous! Included in the photographs was President Donald Trump and Republicans who voted for the bill. The celebration was so premature. This bill still must be voted on by the Senate and a census reached by both houses before it becomes law. What is our country coming to with leaders like that! What kind of drugs are they on?

The bill would shift power to states to set important health insurance rules, rescind several taxes that funded the ACA, and allow states to let insurers charge more to customers with pre-existing conditions. The federal government will give money to the states to fund AHCA.

What’s in the bill? According to the Consumer Reports magazine, one of the major changes to the ACA in the bill includes removal of the Medicaid expansion program. It allows insurers to charge older Americans five times what they charge younger people as opposed to three times under the present ACA law. It enables insurers to raise premiums by 30 percent for people who don’t remain continuously covered.

Also, states can waive 2.2 million enrollees in the individual market who have pre-existing conditions, leaving only 600,000 who would be covered by the $138 million dollars allocated by the Congress over a ten-year period. Not nearly enough money to sustain a good health care program.

Who are those hard-hearted Republicans who voted for such a bill just to get something done and to appease the President? And then have a celebration! According to some of the interviewees who spoke on TV, many promises to constituents were broken and many of those who voted for the bill had never read it.

The Republicans need to be ousted for their evil egregious behavior. They have no integrity and no heart for the American people. If this latest faux-pas doesn’t energize Democrats, nothing will. I did hear that after the vote by the Republicans was cast demonstrators immediately started to protest the bill. It was also a great fundraiser for the Democrats.
As a matter of fact, the behavior by the Republicans should not only energize our Democratic legislators; but also, every American should be energized to get to the polls and oust the Republicans who voted for the bill. They really don’t care about the people! Their concern is the power and money.

The Republicans’ bill not only hurt the poor; many middle-class Americans will feel the wrath of the bill. President Trump said this bill is the best thing that could happen. When are the American people going to stop listening to his lies, especially his supporters? Many of them know he is lying but continue to believe and support him. There must be an end.
Listening to President Obama speak as he received the JFK Profiles in Courage award, one of the statements he made was “it’s easy to do good for the rich, but it takes courage to help the needy.” That’s emblematic of the Republican Party.

We must do what we must to, to make Republicans, either put country before party or, we must vote them out of office both locally and nationally before they put the country in such bad shape it will take years to rectify.

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Shedrick Byrd is a frequent contributor to the New Journal and Guide.

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