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Black Community Opinions

Local Voices: Our National Anthem: “The Hireling and the Slave …”

… From the Terror of Flight or the Gloom of the Grave.” These unsung U.S. national anthem lyrics simply show America at her best and racist worst. Best, a nation trying to promote the new world order of freedom and free speech. At her worst, a privileged few whites enslaving non -whites of all races and mentally poor whites to start and continue getting the job done in their free labor pool.

As written, the national anthem is a racist rallying call. White people just decided not to sing that part, like Native American Indians and other less-than-stellar white performances. History is white washed, scrawled in blood, (whited out.) All pretty in the whites of their eyes- never mind those cowards who built and still profit from our still fully functional existing institutionalized systemic racism foundation.

So to recognize a “Black Lives Matter” protest (via the national anthem,) one would have to take a Black seat to the real white view of the Far Right. ALT Right, the Planet only PALE MEN share, where only the lives of Whites ever mattered to Whitey. (Even some of them are negotiable, depending on health care costs.)

Team sports: football and basketball in particular force people of different backgrounds to learn to work together, observe respectful sportsmanship and develop a mutual respect, in the process of achieving a common goal. So when Whitey gets on or owns a team, he does not play by the same rules. The I’m-Fine-o-Albino then set his rules. Only those whitey wants, get to play, be on the team, attend the games, make the $$$$ bottom line.

When one has never been a part of a team, or on a winning team, one cannot understand the other’s perspective. When it comes to racism, sexism, classism there is a whole portion of White America that has enormous blind spots. This group sees people as obstacles between them and what they want, who they envy, or aspire to be. They cannot look up to see, feel and recognize their own puppet strings being pulled against their own self-interests. They have no empathy, sympathy or sportsmanship, being all wrapped up into this carnival barker of self-aggrandized-show-off-manship.

This group of self-focused people are unable to completely purge their underlying cause of their feelings of superiority. America, we are better than this. We have grown by removing slavery, but by not ever being able to completely purge its underling self 1st white Superiority PROVELY FALSE complex and we are stuck in a Mercuryian retrograde. When one has to stand on others to get ahead, we all end up with a bigger pile of American unexceptionalism.

We, as a nation, are about more than just white people. The peaceful civil rights movement of the 1960’s led by Dr. King showed the way love wins and is always stronger than the fear-based hate espoused by an ever shrinking smaller mindedness populace.

Ray Lewis took two knees, choosing to pray during our national anthem. True leadership has clearly shown all (white) America the truth of what our nation could be, if we dared to live up to both the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. America reaching her full potential is directly tied to all her people’s rights and their success in achieving equal access to, education, housing and acceptance.

Leaders bring together Americans of every description. Posers can’t unite anything, they only divide others by deflecting and re-re-flecting their own shallowness to hide and cover their tracks. Leaders earn the respect of the nation by holding themselves to a higher standard of professionalism by their example.

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Free speech starts at the top. Our free speech has been paid for in blood. Our leadership has been lowered from a level we could unite behind and work forward together, to where we now find ourselves: a divisive leader who wants to take us back, who urges “Take back America;” white code words for “ONLY WHITEY MATTERS!”

Sir, we have broken your morally broken morse code. You Sir, broke the President’s code of honor, integrity, ethics, policy, respect, trust and service, but you cannot break US or the nation. We stand ever more united against what you are, represent and spew.

TWITTER, you are going down. America is strong enough at her core values, to stand for ALL people, against you and your revisionist alternative facts based historical (little-handed-hooded-con-federal-lists) re-whiters.

The Game has the respect of the nation and her people. The world is not your game. You, sir, have no game! Our Free speech trumps you and your hate speech, every time.

Sean C. Bowers is a local progressive youth development coach, author and poet, who has written for the New Journal and Guide for eighteen years. His recent book of over 120 NJ&G articles detailing the issues is available via e-mail at and he does make large-scale solutions presentations upon request.

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