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Local Voices: The Little Don Who Lied “Wolf”

When one does not live in reality, one forces others to either give up their actual factual reality for a fantasy world where only the facts one likes are part of one’s said reality (show).

Non-existent “alleged” wire-tapping false charges become just another alternative fact(-rivitive) in an endless procession of blips on the fact check radar that has become the daily and nightly news broadcasts.

Reporters report what this proven narcissist says, then operatives from said whack job backtrack multiple interpretive versions of what actually happened, as if to present us with a smorgasbord of corroborative semi-truthful options to attempt to digest, understand, compute and deal with.

Then by citing non-existent or false unproven sources, articles, news stories, networks and posts this punch-line-joke-of-an-administration, tries to legitimize the original comments and tweets of the inane, made by the insane.

The press is not untrustworthy; they deal in facts and cover both sides of each story every day. They have done so since the press first became the checks and balances system to power. The press is the fourth estate; their vital role of “in bounds or out of bounds referee” serving both Democrats and Republicans since the beginning of our republic often putting back the “justice,” in justifications.

All who have led have faced the scrutiny of the press. All who have come before have had both good and bad press stories and relationships. Cherry–fact picking is not allowed, nor is it allowed in reporting. Neither should it be allowed to one who is supposed to lead and be a leader. Bad facts must be reported the same as good facts, even when and if they are counter to the opinion of the leader. We the people have to be smart enough to figure out when the used car salesman is lying to us and ripping us a new one with his special slimy undercoating treatment (money or _ _ _ _ _ grab disguised as a handshake.)

Each over-hyped (under-strategized) embellishment brings us ever closer to a fact-free world where honesty, decency, integrity, and accountability become casualties. The truth isn’t parsed, versioned, derivatively repackaged; it stands on its own, alone.

The longer one gives any credence to the one (minus one) now running the show, the longer and furtherer we will have to walk back from God-knows-where, America’s real reality can’t be executively produced (or as in this case un-executively re-produced.)

Our problem is that we were all so fed up with the existing system, the status quo, the candidate choices, the direction both parties had partially delivered us to, that some of us bit for the devil unknown, behind Door (and under hairpiece) Number Three.

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The honeymoon is over and now people from both sides see, that we can’t live or fit into his warped Fantasy Island mentality. There can only be room for the self, only the one, in there.

It is the job of the true leader, one which unites, includes to truthfully present the facts. We can unite behind a common good, not one just for America, but an example for all mankind. Are we not the beacon of hope, the light of loving equality that other so-called “less developed” nations can follow and emulate?

On present course we will stand alone. We will have alienated our best friends and allies, the way we did with Germany’s Angela Merkle in the press conference and by the way we tried to throw the British under the bus by targeting them with false accusations. British Intelligence never did wire tap “the Tower” Mr. Rupunzell. One simple reason prevented it. “Intelligence,” (or intel) by definition, is useful, intelligent, it makes sense. It furthers a cause or an attempt at a directive through direct action.

Since we are keeping score and the truth does matter, we now dub “The Donald” as the chief executive liar, book cooker-fryer, global warming-denier, the Russian contact supplier, say I, the New Journal and Guide’s town crier. No problem, Don. I know you’ll just fry’em up in your fact-free, time machine, deep fat truth trier/dryer. True conceit is lying on a tweet, during a live congressional hearing about one’s earlier tweeted lies.

Lies are like rotten teeth. It doesn’t take long before you’ve got a whole head of crazy teeth and are spitting out new versions of debunked conspiracies theories ad-nauseam. Time to take a wolf bite outta’ the root cause. Release the (press) hounds.

Sean C. Bowers is a local progressive youth development coach, author and poet, who has written for the New Journal and Guide the last 18 years. His recent book of over 120 NJ&G articles detailing the issues is available at and he does do large scale solutions presentations.

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