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Local Voices: Don’t Dump Trump! Not Yet!



Don’t impeach President Donald Trump! Not yet! Trump is bad enough but the thought of having Vice President Mike Pence as President gives me the creeps. Pence is a much more savvy and evil politician than Trump and therefore more dangerous to the country. I know you say “more dangerous than Trump?.” I say yes. Pence would have the ears of the far right Republican party more than Trump does and he would set the country back 50 years. You know what that means for Black people. Fifty years was one number of years one of Trump’s supporters suggested.

Trump has done enough damage to the country since being in office to be impeached or at least have impeachment proceedings started. Had it been former President Barack Obama, the Republican-led Congress would have already started impeachment proceedings. Trump’s behavior makes me wonder if he thinks he is above the law. Except for the justice system stopping him from implementing the Muslim Travel Ban Executive Order that barred Muslims from seven different Arbs Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, I have heard little from Congress to challenge him on any of his other Executive Orders.

Being President is more than Trump can handle, it seems to me. I don’t think he has the interest or knowledge for the job. His counterparts in other countries are noticing his behavior and see a weak President and could be preparing to take advantage of those weaknesses to do us harm. At different presidential functions, I notice he seems to be very uncomfortable in his role as President.

It is obvious that Trump was in cahoots with Russia and that he received help from the Russians in his election campaign. Recently his security secretary General Michael Flynn was called out by the press for talking to the Russian ambassador about lifting sanctions that President Obama had levied against Russia for their hacking into the election campaign. Flynn was accused of lying to the FBI about his conversations with the Russians saying he did not mention sanctions during those discussions. He was also accused of lying to the President, Vice President and other Presidential staff personnel about his conversations with Russia.

Following some of the incidents and events that have gone on in this administration it is hard for me to believe that the President and Vice President did not know what Flynn had discussed with the Russians. In support of Flynn, the Vice President went on TV vowing that Flynn did not discuss sanctions with the Russians. After Flynn was caught lying by the FBI, the President and Vice President say they were told by Flynn that he did not discuss sanctions with the Russians. Trump is such a pathetic liar it’s easy for me to believe that he instructed Flynn to tell the Russians that the sanctions would be lifted once he was in office.


I certainly believe that Flynn told Pence he had discussed sanctions with the Russians. If Flynn starts talking, it could be the end of President Trump and maybe Pence. There is no precedence for a President and a Vice President being impeached at the same time.

I hope the Democrats continue to insist on investigating Flynn. I’m not sure it will reveal anything since Trump has surrounded himself with legal policy makers that will block any chance of convicting Flynn of a crime. He is surrounded by a spineless attorney general, and a Congress is not going to force any actions. They seem to fear him.

This is a golden opportunity for Democrats to take advantage of the chaos. If the Democrats would select worthy candidates who have the backbone to fight for people’s rights rather than campaigning for the next election to hold on to their seats that they are doing nothing with.

For the security and safety of our country it is time and necessary for the Congress to put aside their political wrangling and come together in a non-partisan way to keep America strong. This is real!

Shedrick Byrd is a regular contributor to the New Journal and Guide.

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