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We Just Want To Babble

How often do you get together with a friend, colleague, family member or someone you respect and have a conversation, and before you know it, you’re babbling?

Case in point: Bob and I were sharing viewpoints on the recent election; note that Bob is a friend and someone I respect, and he happens to be white. He’s cool, for real though. You got one, too…you know how this works. Hmmm, right?

Man, let me tell you, we had some serious tit for tat going on regarding President Trump’s agenda, tweeting persona and his vivid imagination with Truth, Fact and Perception. Well, for the most part, neither of us actually won our so-called debate because neither of us stopped talking as we stared in each other’s eyes. And at the same time, we continued to adjust our friendly uneven wry smiles.

To agree and disagree is a helluva situation to master for some, as history has shown. Disagreement has cause and effect and many fights … yep, wars, too. “Go figure that,” stated Bob.
We were having breakfast at Mister Jim’s in Great Bridge. (Have you noticed in my writings, I eat out rather often?) In a blink of an eye, Bob said, “You see this cup of water in front of you? It’s absorbing your energy through vibration and when I move it closer to me, it absorbs my energy because everything is made up of matter.”

Now I’m saying, “go figure.”

Continuing, according to Bob, and I agree … furthering this line of thought, if you are in the presence of another person(s) and you detect discomfort or moodiness in their body language or conversation, something is going on. If we can, we need to step in and supply that person with some of our inward positive energy. It’s like it’s our responsibility to figure out how to help this person(s). (Of course, there is no substitute for listening.)

What we try to do is stealthily transfer our energy to them which exposes them to some healthy light. In theory, their healthy light molecules navigate back into us and push out our own bad energy, thus a win-win situation.

I believe this is how God wants us to act, and this is how He works in us.

Going back to the Donald, he just wants to babble, because many misdirected thoughts are all in his head. There is an old saying I’m sure most of you have heard: “you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool some of the people all of the time.”

However, Bob and I wish the President well for our country’s sake and we will hold him accountable for his actions. Lastly, we did agree the President does babble, and one thing for sure, the world is listening … what he says matters!

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We stepped outside after our hour-long lunch. It was such a beautiful day we chatted for an additional ten minutes or so, smiled and with precision, automatically hugged. What a guy to hang out with; what a day to babble! Keep a little love in your heart; it will pay you interest.

The word for today,
Check it – use it

By Ernest Lowery
Community Outreach Correspondent

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