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Inspirational Message

Inspirational Messages: God Gives Us Knowledge With Our Experiences!

According to Isaiah 50:4 we know that God can give us the tongue of the learned that we should know how to speak at the right time to the weary. God even awakens us morning by morning to hear as the learned. Through Isaiah we also learn how God gives us understanding and defends us as we obey Him. Let us continue to pray for strength for others as well as for ourselves. Understanding from God can prevent rebellion and refrains us from turning from Him. God’s Spirit, working through humans, needs His presence for conversion and spiritual growth.

Jesus makes it plain to us in John 16:7-14 that God will send the Helper to us to prove to the people of the world the wrongness of sin and the righteousness about God’s judgment. He goes on to say that when the Spirit comes it reveals the truth about God and leads us into all truth. What do we learn from this Scripture that helps us to understand how limited intellectual knowledge is in the experiences of Christianity? Biblical knowledge along with God’s Divine Spirit can transform individuals and gatherings. Believers thrive through faith and Bible study. The existence, even today, of reasoned thoughts throughout Scripture testify to the importance of knowledge. Meaningful experiences can become measuring sticks for spiritual genuineness. Knowledge is almost worthless without some experiences and fascinations about our Bible studies. Let us think about reasons for increased faith. How have we been helped by experiences? Why do we need both to become strong Christians? What prayers may help us?

Many of us experience heartbreaking crosses during our lifetime. Whenever we are troubled and lost in great despair, a prayer is the only answer! With prayer and faith in God, our crosses can lead to crowns. How does Jesus convey a very familiar salutation to us? The 23rd psalm is one reference where He compares His relationship to us as believers as that of a shepherd to His sheep. Jesus’ messages have an irreplaceable component of information that we always need. The shepherd calls to His sheep. Our challenge is to listen, obey and follow our Lord. It is probably not good for any of us to not use our God given talents in some useful ways. We can expect to see progress in motion as we continue to meet new people and new opportunities are made available. God gives us talents and He challenges us to invest them wisely. When we use them to glorify Him, God can then bless us with much more.

How can we overcome diversities? How do we survive cruel twists of fate that often come our way? Many Bible verses give us strength and courage. God’s word is full of power. Reading His promises and trusting in God will bring us victory. Working passionately to use our talents to their fullest potential allows the light of Christ to shine in a dark world. Let us as Christians try to use our gifts to labor for His cause and to possibly convert many others who do not know Him. Being human, we are sometimes prone to dwell on our limitations. It is good to follow the encouraging spiritual examples of successful Christians and take the jewels of joyfulness and move on to experience the wonders of God’s plans for our lives. What a mighty God we serve!

Mrs. Gladys R. McElmore, a resident of Norfolk’s Middle Town Arch Community, is a New Journal and Guide Freelance Contributor on religion. She is a native of Essex County, Va.

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