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Inspirational Message: Jesus Christ Is The Light of The World!

Jesus, our light, was present before creation of the world. He brought light into our universe. Being present now as the living Word of God, He breathes life into souls dead in sin. His light penetrates all darkness, exposes all secrets and frees us from bondage of seen and unseen sins! We can ask God to help us to overcome darkness and walk in His bright light of righteousness. Also we can ask God to help us to honor Christ with our lives. After being sensitive to the presence of this eternal light, we can let this light shine to show others the right roads to travel. Should others try following us? We can ask God to make good examples for others to follow in our lives, to keep us spiritually strong and to show us the right way as we face daily challenges. We must ask God because we can do nothing without Him!

Isaiah’s prophecies tell that the light has dawned in chapter 9. He said, “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light…” in the land of deep darkness, a light has dawned. During this time of celebration, we use candles. The symbols of light surround us at home and during worship services. Before Christ, people lived in darkness with no hope. The nation of Israel was unable to keep their laws and unwilling to share adequately with the Gentiles. The light has come and we can benefit from its illumination.

Will His light make a difference immediately? We can keep thoughts of Jesus’ light as situations randomly occur with or without warning. There is no darkness with God, for He knows all. Because we are God’s people, living in His light should be a joy. Sometimes there may be a strong pull to participate in things that are displeasing to God and shameful to us as Christians, but we must not forget to look to this life-giving light that John and Isaiah featured in their writings. These passages of scripture let us know that through Him everything was made. Jesus later announced, “I am the light of the world” (John 8:12).

Think about and relate things Jesus said or did that can cause changes in our lives. We may be able to use specific examples from these scriptures to grow in obedience to God’s command to walk in the ways of love for each other. How will we do this?

1. Use our gifts to glorify God.
2. Move from word to deed.
3. Follow common practices that are good for the body of Christ.
4. Pray to God for spiritual strength.
5. Move away from darkness (evil) to His lighted pathways.

If our past has had any darkness, let us leave that behind. As we continue to look for God and live as children of light, not of our own goodness, but light in the Lord. May there be no shadows of doubt as we strive to stay in the soul-saving light of Jesus Christ!

Mrs. Gladys R. McElmore, a resident of Norfolk’s Middle Town Arch Community, is a New Journal and Guide Freelance Contributor on religion. She is a native of Essex County, Va.

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