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Black Church News in Virginia

Inspirational Message: God Empowers Us to Stand For Him Now!

In our chaotic world, we need some meaningful goals spiritually. We can continue to ask God to bless what we do to glorify Him. New expressions can include thoughts of His love and kindness toward us. With many pressing thoughts for the present time, our needs may still center around our failures and uncontrolled situations. Can we pray intensely for improvements and not see immediate results? How can we live our faith publicly? We can always seek God’s help to grow stronger with a bold commitment of our faith that radiates to others. So often we do not trust God as we should in our times of crisis. Are we to leave our unknown answers to God and continue to wait for His time?

As we use our time wisely to worship, we can praise God’s holy name and forget not His benefits to us! First and foremost, He forgives our many sins. From endless time, the Lord’s love is with those of us who fear Him and respect His righteousness. We are wise to continue praising Him. With admiring gratitude we can reposition ourselves to receive God’s steadfast love and accept His goodness.

Second and greatly needed is the healing of our mental and physical diseases. God redeems us and crowns us with love and compassion. Can we complete the list of His goodness, righteousness and justice for everyone? Are we treated by God according to our sins? We are human and God knows our weaknesses and that we are dust. He knows our frame and how we were formed because He created us! From the beginning, God’s interaction with human beings has been motivated by His love for us daily.

We know that human life is short. In Psalm 103:15-17, we read of the images of grass and a flower as reflections of the shortness of life. The steadfast love of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting according to God in this Psalm (103). Since life can be short, let us continue being thankful for God’s strength to overcome our weaknesses! Also with amazing grace, we are always grateful for His love and mercy in spite of our shortcomings.

We can definitely feel blessed because they come in different sizes and shapes. In fact, we don’t always recognize them. Even when we are doing everything we think God wants us to do, we may still experience suffering. We are sometimes surprised that God does not answer the way we want or that His timing appears to be tardy. Do we sometimes feel forgotten or unloved by God? Our eyes may be opened much later to see the faithfulness of God as our situations change. When we lose one blessing, another one can be unexpectedly given by God in its place! We need to never forget our source of joy, peace and love upon which we can depend. Let us learn to trust in the Lord, continue to do good, rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him without worrying and being angry. God’s strength can make these things possible.

While considering God’s love for us, our best decision is to praise Him. As we study and learn more about God who has everything we need and so much more, let us not forget His goodness to all mankind! Why not ask God to empower us to stand for Him now?

Mrs. Gladys R. McElmore, a resident of Norfolk’s Middle Town Arch Community, is a New Journal and Guide Freelance Contributor on religion. She is a native of Essex County, Va.

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