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Inspirational Message

Inspirational Message: The Apostles Asked the Lord For Increased Faith!

The Lord was more than willing to increase faith and a sense of duty. He continues to do the same for us today as He shows us how faith in the size of a mustard seed can cause great changes in us and in our environment. Each apostle was able to do miracles and supernatural events with faith in the power of Christ in them!

Our faith in the Lord can be strengthened when we unmistakably see His work in our lives. Some works are demonstrably powerful which make us recognize His helpfulness. Does God want our faith in Him to increase? In powerful ways, God has moved us from institutions, from sick beds, from wrong directions, heals us from various afflictions and utter hopelessness! As we rejoice and feel grateful, let us never forget the source of our help. All of our help comes from the Lord, our Creator. An observant Christian must become grateful and praises God as often as possible. We were created to glorify Him.

How can our lives reflect our visible responses to Him? How can we learn to rest in His power? We can always ask Him to demonstrate His power in our weaknesses and also wait patiently for God to show His power. Whenever we recognize and experience God’s power, give Him the honor and glory! Our weaknesses may be where God wants to display His power in our lives. He may want to use us to help others see His power and to glorify Him and to become strong believers. Let us learn to use our tiny mustard seed faith to do miracles great and small as we wait for His everlasting strength to appear.

According to Luke 17, we connect faith and service with forgiveness for sins committed over and over again. Even if we are mistreated frequently, we hopefully will use our faith. Even if they sin against us seven times in one day, our forgiveness is expected for that person. This caused the apostles to ask for more faith. As servants of God, when we have done all possible to please Him, then say we are merely servants and have only done our duty by rendering services when and where needed in our journey on earth. Luke, a Gentile physician, and a missionary companion of Paul helped to spread the gospel throughout the Roman Empire.

Hopefully, along with the study of the apostles’ request for more faith in the Lord, we will not see this as a new way of living, but a life God wants for all of us. He wants to see us depending on Him! We spend much time trying to overcome or even hide our weaknesses when God wants to display His power in our lives. At times we may feel encouraged with faith to embrace our weaknesses and trust God’s power and strength to truly transform us into the image of Christ!

Mrs. Gladys R. McElmore, a resident of Norfolk’s Middle Town Arch Community, is a New Journal and Guide Freelance Contributor on religion. She is a native of Essex County, Va.

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