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HUMC President Receives 2017 ‘Chesapeake ICON’ Award

The Hampton Roads area is blessed with many leaders who have made an impact the lives of others within the community. Dr. Dwight S. Riddick, Sr. fortunately has become one of the most well-prepared preachers in the Hampton Roads area. He was recognized by the Daily Press Newspaper in Newport News, VA in 2001 as “The Citizen of the Year.”

He is a native son of Chesapeake, VA and a product of the City of Chesapeake Public Schools System.

We honor and respect him as one of Chesapeake’s ICONs, because of his ability, capability and determination in leadership and discipleship. In June 2014, he was elected as the 40th President of the Hampton University Ministers Conference (HUMC). He is first to serve the office from the Hampton Roads area.

On June 5, 2017, at approximately 7:01 p.m., Dr. Dwight Riddick opened the 103rd session the conference. With Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook, former President, presiding and four past Presidents resting at his feet, over 6,000 were in attendance at the conference including Congressman Bobby Scott, President William Harvey and other distinguished guests who were in anticipation of the message. All we knew is that it must be a prophetic message.

Dr. Riddick preached, proclaimed a prophetic and profound message. He preached from the Old Testament text Joel 2:15 and 2:25. To summarize his message, “just because they may not know your name doesn’t mean you can’t do major things. It doesn’t matter if they know your name.”

He is a visionary with a prophetic voice that advocates transformation. He has distinguished himself among his peers. With a quiet and unassuming demeanor, he used his gift at the conference to encourage ministers and lay members to move according to the spirit. The conference was held from June 5-9th with outstanding preaching and lecturers.

He holds four earned degrees. Dr. Riddick most importantly gave his heart to Christ at an early age. He had the opportunity to experience the Historically Black Colleges and Universities by graduating from Norfolk State University, in Political Science, Norfolk, VA and Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology, Virginia Union University with a Masters of Divinity Richmond, VA.

According to his ministry website which states, ‘Dr. Riddick is a voice for our time that challenges preachers to broaden their world-view and creative implementation of the preached gospel as encouraged like only he can in his first published book “Does Preaching Have A Future, A Call to Join the Conversation.”

The award was presented by Rev. Glenda P. Murray-Kelly of CM/M2K and G Paris Media Group at the President’s reception on Monday, June 5th.

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“I would like to thank the people of Chesapeake, VA and Dr. Debra Haggins for allowing the award to be presented to me. Without good officers and the help of Dr. William Harvey, we would not be here today. I am grateful for my family and the officers that serve with me” said Dr. Riddick.

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Submitted By Rev. Glenda P. Murray-Kelly
Special to the Guide

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