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Rebecca's Well

Rebecca’s Well: Hillary Rodham Clinton – Phenomenal Woman: Running For President of The United States of America

15. Hillary was the Phenomenal Power behind her husband, Bill Clinton’s Presidency for two powerful terms, leading the American people and the world. Instead of maintaining her office in the East Wing as former First Ladies, Hillary Rodham Clinton located her office directly behind the President’ office in the famous West Wing of the White House. It was this move that many male Democrats and Republicans alike began to label Hillary as “two aggressive, untrustworthy,cold and indifferent.” For they felt and knew of Hillary’s powerful intellect and political and administrative influences in Bill’s White House decisions.

16. Speaking to a Black Church recently, Hillary said, “I was taught early-on by my father to control my emotions. So I can understand why I may come off as cold or aloof.” But Hillary should not be misrepresented as cold and aloof. What her critics could not determine was this: Hillary Rodham Clinton is one of those people called Geniuses that can process both left-right hemispheres of the brain simultaneously. By this I mean, Hillary can think like a man and act like a woman. So it will be difficult for adversarial forces in Hillary’s Presidency to outwit her litigious masculine mind of law and logic, augmented by her feminine vibrations of genuine love for all people,her creativity, beauty, and gathering skills.

17. Hillary said, “Growing up, her family dinner table was a debate round table where she learned to deliberate, challenge, and engage in argument by discussing opposing points with her father,mother and brothers, all rebutting.” The world has seen Hillary’s debate prowess with Donald Trump as well as President Obama.

18. For me, there has always been something noble in the characters of President Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Although Hillary lost to Barack in 2008, he was humble enough to ask her to serve as Secretary of State and she was humble enough to accept. And serve, Hillary served with great skill. The Email controversy was politically driven by Republicans. After extensive investigation, the FBI Director stated,” Hillary’s email case is not a cliff-hanger,and I am not recommending charges against Mrs. Clinton.”

19. Following a bout with pneumonia, Hillary returned to the campaign trail swinging. She is like the ageless Timex watch. Hillary Rodham Clinton, “takes a licking and keeps on ticking.”

20. Hillary Rodham Clinton is a magnificent “proven winner” PoliticsTree. Her fruit is edible, sweet and delicious :First Lady for over a decade in Arkansas Governor’s Mansion. Two Term First Lady in America’s White House. Secretary of State. State Senator from New York. Wife. Mother. Grandmother. Mother-in-law.

21. Hillary brings to the Presidency, “leaves for the healing of the nations.” (Revelation 22:2) Green leaves of shared opportunities, shared responsibilities and shared prosperity. Hillary’s PoliticsTree has beautiful flowers of inclusion over partisanship and constructive cooperation over constant conflict. Her undaunted belief is “We are Stronger Together. This is our blueprint for America’s Future.” Hillary is like “the tree planted by the rivers of water” in Psalm 1,” that bringeth forth her fruit in her season; her leaf also shall not wither and whatsoever she doeth shall prosper.” Hillary is the green tree. Donald Trump is the dry tree. Hillary is the Esther Energy that has come to the kingdom for a time such as this. The best of times. The worst of times. Only the Feminine Heart which is closest to the Heart of God can begin the process of America’s Healing. Enter, Hillary Rodham Clinton, The First Female President of the United States of America. Let The Church Say Amen. (oh, Yes!).

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