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Guide-On-Your-Side’s OMG Poetry Night New Journal and Guide To Sponsor Open Mic’s Goodness 1st Thursdays

By Sean C. Bowers
Local Voices Correspondent
New Journal and Guide

The torch of the New Journal & Guide has been officially passed to the first-ever Guide- On-Your-Side sponsored event of poetic expression, starting July 7th with publisher Brenda Andrews as our 1st kick-off hostess with the “hostess.” This “Open Mic, at its core, is envisioned as a relentless pursuit of passion’s perfection poignantly poised, prozen, poetic, profiling, pontifications, personified, per personal platitudes. The time has come for the New Journal & Guide to move headlong into the “Voices of Freedom,” world of digital content origination and dissemination across the nation.

As the nation’s third-oldest Black newspaper, (publishing 116 years strong and long) the bull-works of print now support the poetic bull-horns to take on and down the bull-headed, bull-dozer-style protecting and empowering our society, in distress. The Guide (Norfolk’s oldest Black-owned business) has an insatiable appetite for the satisfactions only quenched by the truth’s poetic thirst. The poetry that makes eyes bulge and hearts burst will leave us no longer feeling our worst.

Our example of this Open Mic’s Goodness 1st Thursdays is to build bridges across all: rivers, races, sexes, continental educational divides, waters, classes, religions, and oceans of orientations that a true cross-pollinations of ideas can again exist. Poetry can and does do that. The words heard will fan open the closed mind, and release the ties that bind, in kind. Our voices and choices await this poetic debate. With Prince and Ali gone, we, of the 757, are answering the “COLLECT-ive” call we are summoned, drafted, volunteered to fulfill those poetic voids.

In this sacred poetic house of leadership worship, we won’t curse or use sex-laden lower glandular dialect. This is the “Issue Based” platform to not objectify, but rather to testify to the power of the spoken word to electrify, unify, dignify, and just be fly, History is in the making, is being made, and you can be a part of it. So come see publisher, Brenda H. Andrews kick us off, OMG 1st Thursday, July 7th at Granny Restaurant on 35th Sreet in Norfolk.

Next Week’s Voiceboxhero Article shows: the 1st year’s dates, time, location, some hosts, and all the details. Plus we tackle the age old issues again, like a recently divorced defensive lineman with a grudge. The truth can’t hide, from the New Journal & Guide.

Peace! Poetic Equally Actioned Collective Enlightenment

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