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First Person Account GoFundMe Campaign for Portsmouth Woman With Metastatic Breast Cancer

By Rosaland Tyler
Associate Editor
New Journal and Guide

Aiming to bring breast cancer awareness sharply into focus in October, Shay Stone launched a GoFundMe account for her mother, Glenda Stone, of Portsmouth who was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2018.
To date, her GoFundMe account has raised $2,100 of its $10,000 goal. The funds will be used for out-of-pocket expenses such as a naturopathic oncologist ($3,500), supplements that include a plant- based natural nutritional treatment that does not contain soy or corn called Kate Farms, and travel costs, said Shay Stone, 30, who lives in Foster City, Calif., and worked as a film animator before switching to games.
“The out of pocket expenses, especially travel costs from California to Portsmouth, are adding up fairly quickly at this point since my Mom is largely immobile,” Shay Stone said, in a recent interview from her home in California with The New Journal and Guide.
She often travels from California to Portsmouth to check on her 61-year-old Mom, who worked as a senior accounting clerk before she was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2018, underwent surgery and had six treatments of chemotherapy.
This means her mother’s life was running smoothly until she discovered a protruding mass on her chest more than a year ago.
“My mom likes to shop and have fun. She likes to mow her own lawn. She likes to travel. Her life was pretty standard and great before this happened.”
But her mom’s life did not return to normal after she completed chemotherapy treatment in December 2018 and received a bone scan from her oncologist who told her, “No more cancer.” Instead, about nine months later, her mom was admitted to Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center in Portsmouth after her in-home physical therapist saw her choke and gasp for air as she was ready to walk out the door.
“Eventually, results showed that my Mother actually did have cancer this whole time, which unfortunately was left untreated,” her daughter said. “She was then diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer as the cancer has spread to her head and her lower spine. Following the diagnosis, she received 10 treatments of radiation on the whole head.”
And this is why her daughter launched a GoFundMe account for her mom who continues to fight. “We are at a crossroads as her medical leaders have theoretically thrown in the towel. Simply because she is no longer mobile (which makes transportation, treatment, etc., complicated). Her oncologist will only suggest a hospice.”
She continued, “My Mother and I are reaching out for your help in her fight for life, as we know this is not over, despite a doctor giving up or losing interest in us. . .Metastatic breast cancer is not something the general public is aware of, and as this month is Breast Cancer/Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness, I believe there is an added opportunity to shed light and bring attention to my Mother’s story. . .Anything helps.”
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