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Black Arts and Culture

Bridge Corner: November 9, 2017

Hello and welcome to Tidewater Bridge Unit (TBU)
Let’s see how well you remember the No Trump, Stayman, and Jacoby Transfer information we have covered so far:

The bidding starts: N, S(You)
If you hold: 1) ♠987 ♥KJ1082 ♦Q82 ♣32
Rebid?: _______
Showing?: _______ HCP

The bidding starts: 1NT, 2♦*
If you hold: 2) ♠K87 ♥KQ1085 ♦752 ♣32
Rebid?: _______
Showing?: _______ HCP

The bidding starts: 2♥, ?
If you hold: 3) ♠K87 ♥Q10982 ♦AJ3 ♣74
Rebid?: ________
Showing?: _______ HCP

The bidding starts: *Partner says “Transfer”
If you hold: 4) ♠K84 ♥Q109843 ♦K64 ♣7
Rebid?: ________
Showing?: _______ HCP

You open 1NT, holding: ♠A986 ♥107 ♦AQ7 ♣KQ97.
Partner responds: 5) 2♣ 6) 2♦ 7) 2♥ 8) 2NT
Your rebid: 5) ___ 6) ____ 7) ____ 8) _____

9) Partner opens 1 NT. You hold ♠A9862 ♥107 ♦A7 ♣7654, you bid 2♥*. Partner says “Transfer” and bids 2♠. What is your rebid?

10) Partner opens 1NT. You hold ♠A9 ♥10987 ♦A7 ♣Q7654, you bid 2♣ (Stayman needs no announcement). Partner bids 2♥. What is your rebid?

11) Partner opens 1NT. You hold ♠AK862 ♥10 ♦A73 ♣7654, you bid 2♥*. Partner says “Transfer” and bids 2♠. What is your rebid?

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1. Rebid: Pass Showing: 0-7 HCP
2. Rebid: 2NT Showing: 8-9 HCP
3. Rebid: 3NT Showing: 10-14 HCP
4. Rebid: 4♥ Showing: 7-14 HCP. You know partner has at least two hearts for his opening notrump bid. You have six, that makes a total of 8 hearts between the two of you = a golden eight-card fit
5. 2♠
6. 2♥
7. 2♠
8. Pass – you do not have 17 points, a maximum. Do not accept any invitations.
9. 2NT showing 8-9 HCP, invitational to a game
10. 4♥,you have 12 support points
11. 3NT, offering partner a choice between game in 4♠, if he has 3 or more ♠, or 3NT with only 2♠


Come, Join Us For Fun
And Duplicate Bridge In
Oct. 25 – Nov. 1, 2018

All Inclusive Premium Villa Accommodations and:
Private Bath & Pool/ Beaches with Cabanas
Nightly Entertainment/ Casino

View photos at:
Cost per person:
Single Room $1,420/ Double Occupancy $1,120

Nonrefundable $300 room Deposit due
November 30, 2017

For more information contact Barbara Whitfield
(917) 204-8774

Tuesday, Nov. 14
Cooke-Suburban game
10:45 a.m. – 3 p.m.
$4 – $5

Wednesday, Nov. 15
Bon-Ton bridge game
10:45 a.m. – 3 p.m.
$4 – $5

All activities, unless otherwise noted, are located at the Berkley Senior Center, 925 S. Main Street, Norfolk, VA. For additional information on classes, games, or tournaments, please call Jennifer Douglas at (757) 701-0640.

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