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Bridge Corner: July 27, 2017



Hello and welcome to the Tidewater Bridge Unit (TBU).

In a suit contract, as well as in a No Trump contract, there will be times when you will need to develop additional tricks in order to make your contract. This “development” is called promotion: a card is promoted into a sure trick when all of the higher-ranking cards in the suit have been played. Promotion involves giving up the lead to the opponents. Just make sure you have enough sure tricks in other suits to regain the lead before the opponents can take enough tricks to defeat the contract.

East (E) is Dealer

♠ K2
♥ A7
♦ 9864
♣ QJ1097

West East
♠ QJ10987 ♠ 653
♥ 842 ♥KQJ
♦ AJ ♦K752
♣ 54 ♣AK6


♠ A4
♥ 109653
♦ Q103
♣ 832

1. Who and what is the open bid?
2. Which player is the responder? Which player is the captain?
3. What level should contract be played?
4. Will this be a suit contract or a No Trump contract?
5. Look at responder’s hand. What should the response be?
6. What is the bidding message given by responder’s bid? What should opener do?
7. What is the final contract?
8. Who will be the declarer?
9. Who will make the opening lead?
10. What will the opening lead be?
11. How many tricks must declarer win to fulfill the contract?
12. How can declarer develop the tricks needed to make the contract?
13. Which suit should declarer develop first? Why?
14. What would happen if declarer played the other suits first?
15. Bid and play the hand. Did declarer make the contract?


1. East opens the bidding with 1NT.
2. West is the responder and the captain.
3. The contract should be in game.
4. This should be a Spade contract.
5. The response should be 4♠
6. Responder makes a sign-off bid and opener should pass.
7. The final contract is 4♠
8. West is the declarer.
9. North makes the opening lead.
10. North leads the ♣Q.
11. Declarer must take ten tricks, but has only four sure tricks.
12. Declarer can develop the extra tricks in spades (four) and hearts (two).
13. Declarer should play the spades first because that is the trump suit.
14. If declarer plays the other suits first, declarer’s winners may be ruffed by the opponents.
15. Declarer should make the contract.

Winning Pairs
July 19, 2017
Section A Game


Evelyn J Monroe – Rose Ward
Gloria Maddux – Harriet F. Goodrich
Aldis Raymond – Jennifer Douglas
Oneida R. Lacey – Rosemary Whitehurst
Lillye Holley – Harold M. Kiefer
Olethia Everett – Wilma H. Horne
Lawrence Owes – Delores Brown
Cindy B. Jones – LaFrancis Rodgers
Adrienne Ivory – Barbara Whitfield


Tuesday, August 1
Cooke-Suburban Bridge game
10:45 a.m. – 3 p.m.
$4 – $5

Wednesday, August 2
Bon-Ton bridge game
10:45 a.m. – 3 p.m.
$4 – $5

Come and join us:
Tidewater Bridge Unit 2017 Grade “A” Tournament—September 15, 16, 17 at the Hyatt Place, 70 Eden Way North, Chesapeake, VA. 233320.
RESERVATIONS: (757) 312-0020


All activities, unless otherwise noted, are located at the Berkley Senior Center, 925 S. Main Street, Norfolk, VA.

For additional information on classes, games, or tournaments, please call Jennifer Douglas at (757) 701-0640.

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