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Black Trumpettes Swooned And Dined In Trump’s White House

A recent Washington Informer feature, ViewPoint, focused on the following: “Donald Trump hosted Black millennial conservatives at the White House for the Young Black Leadership Summit. They reportedly chanted ‘Build That Wall.’”

The feature asked readers of ViewPoint, “What are your thoughts?” (about the actions of the young Black Trumpettes.) “Those kids are so lost,” was one response, “The sad thing is when you don’t know history or where you’re from, you don’t know where you are going. A wise man, Nelson Mandela, said, “Fools multiply when wise men are silent.”

My response to the Informer’s question is that those Black Trumpettes are direct ideological, psychological, and spiritual descendants of George Schuyler and Janet Collins and companions of Justice Clarence Thomas and Dr. Thomas Sowell.

Schuyler, in his book, Black and Conservative, lamented that, “A Black person learns very early that his color is a disadvantage in a world of White folks. This being an unalterable circumstance, one also learns very early to make the most of it. So the lifetime endeavor of the intelligent Negro is how to be reasonably happy through colored.”

Pioneering “Black” ballerina Janet Collins was equally sorrowful as noted in her book, I Dream a World. Lamented Collins, “When you get to be an exceptional Black, you don’t belong to the Whites and you don’t belong to the Blacks. You are too good for the Blacks and you will always be Black to the Whites.”

One of the compatriots of the Black Trumpettes, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was quoted in the conservative Richmond Times-Dispatch as lamenting that, “If I went to work for EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) or did anything directly connected with being Black, my career would be irreparably ruined. The monkey would be on my back because I am Black. People meeting me for the first time will automatically dismiss my thinking as second rate.”

Another of their compatriots, Dr. Thomas Sowell, warned all Trumpettes to beware of attending a Historically Black College or University.” As quoted in the Journal and Guide of Norfolk, Virginia, Sowell noted that, “Black students with SAT scores of 1000 should not consider going to any Black college because they will be educationally mismatched.”

As an Afrocentric, Pan Africanist, Malcolmite, I consider Black Trumpettes to be pathetic people who will be psychologically and spiritually shattered on that inevitable day when they will be confronted by an overt White supremacist.

Professor A. Peter Bailey, whose latest book is Witnessing Brother Malcolm X, the Master Teacher, can be reached at

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By A. Peter Bailey

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