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Dems Choose Jeffries In Movement From Party’s Old Guard

By Stacy M. Brown NNPA Newswire Senior National Correspondent @StacyBrownMedia New York Rep. Hakeem Jeffries is probably precisely what Democrats need in America’s brutal political civil war, where most Republicans behave as if it’s a North vs. South redux. For starters, Jeffries is unapologetically Black. During his campaign, he often wore tracksuits. When he presented […]

Rep. Donald McEachin: 4th Dist. Congressman, Passes At 61

Special to the Guide Three weeks after winning his fourth term to the U.S. Congress, Democrat A. Donald McEachin, 61, died November 28, his office announced. McEachin had represented Virginia’s 4th District, which stretches from Richmond to the North Carolina line, since 2017. Before that, he had served nine years as a state senator and […]

Is Herschel Walker Like Sen. Edward Brooke?

By Rosaland Tyler Associate Editor New Journal and Guide Grab a history book and flip open the section on Black senators as Georgia voters prepare to line up again at voting precincts on Dec. 6 to elect a Black senator. They’ll be choosing between incumbent Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock and his Republican opponent Herschel Walker, […]

Midterm Elections Offer Surprise Wins; High Voter Turn-out

By Leonard E. Colvin Chief Reporter New Journal and Guide The Republican “red wave” where the GOP would take over the U.S. House, Senate, and various state races did not materialize. Many political pundits are calling the weak GOP showing “ROEVember.” The Conservative and GOP-leaning U.S. Supreme Court decision to strike down federal protection of […]

Congressman Scott Gets Another Term

NEWPORT NEWS Virginia U.S. 3rd District Congressman Robert “Bobby” Scott was re-elected to another term during the recent Midterm Election. First elected in 1993, Scott now is the longest serving member of Virginia’s 11-member delegation to the House of Representatives.

2022 Reflections: Ignore Pollsters And Challenge The Democrats

By Julianne Malveaux ( To let the pollsters tell it, Democrats were going to get a “drubbing” or a “shellacking” just like the one President Barack Obama experienced in 2010 when Dems lost 63 Congressional seats and 6 Senate seats. In contrast, Democrats seem to have gained one Senate seat, and the Georgia runoff may […]

Commentary: Will Biden’s Marijuana Pardon Impact Racially Disparate Arrests?

By Chrisleen Herard ( President Joe Biden has signed an executive order pardoning thousands of Americans who have been federally convicted for a “simple” marijuana possession charge prior to October 6th, 2022. But does this means the smoke of disproportionate arrests and unreasonable and sometimes “mandatory minimum” sentencing is beginning to clear for Black inmates […]

What’s Motivating Local Voters This Fall?

By Leonard E. Colvin Chief Reporter New Journal and Guide With the Midterm elections just two weeks away, politicians representing the two major parties are working to drive people to the polls to support their messages on the issues. Early voting is underway in Virginia, and candidates are hoping their campaign messages will help voters […]

Part 3: Two Senators Stake Claim For New 18th District

By Leonard E. Colvin Chief Reporter New Journal and Guide State Senator L. Louise Lucas is President pro tempore of the Virginia Senate, the first African American woman to secure that post. She also has the longest tenure in that body, and is the second highest ranking elected Black official […]

Trump’s Ongoing Dilemma and Continuing Downfall

We are, literally, fighting for the conscience and soul of our nation.