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August 6: 1st Time Homebuyer Class Being Offered In Portsmouth


If you are a first-time homebuyer eyeing a single family home or a condo, the Virginia Housing and Community Development Corporation can help.

VHCDC will hold a First Time Home Buyer Class on Aug. 6 at the Portsmouth Partnership Briefing Center on Aug. 6 from 6 to 9 p.m.

“Professionals in various disciplines will provide information such as credit restoration, insurance, budgeting, and the benefits of investing,” said James R. Taylor, president and founder of VHDC, a non-profit that helps disadvantaged individuals and businesses gain access to capital.

“This three-hour class will show you how to purchase a home of your very own,” Taylor said. “It teaches you the mechanics of home buying. You’ll learn how to obtain a mortgage, housing options, inspection basics, insurance and property taxes, down-payment assistance programs, and much, much more.”

About 88 people have received valuable tips since VHCDC hosted the first class in November 2014.

The problem is many first-time homebuyers do not know where to begin. So the class will also offer tips on home inspections, pest control, and credit repair.

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“Since we held our first class about a dozen or so are working on their credit and four are searching for a home as a qualified buyer,” Taylor said. “A number of those who took our class are in leases that will expire toward the end of the year. They said they found the information useful.”

To learn more about the class, please go to, or phone (866) 931-5760.

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