Friday, June 23, 2017

Women’s History Month

By Barrington M. Salmon The Rev. Dr. Bernice A. King, at the close of Women’s History Month, electrified an audience of men and women at the National Press Club, challenging them to rise above bickering with people with whom they may have political and cultural disagreements and find common ground – including with President […]

A week before her death in the summer of 2012, State Senator Yvonne B. Miller held her last political meeting. Instead of sitting at a table in an ornate office, she conducted it as she lay in her death bed. Throughout her career in the State Senate, Miller worked with and mentored Senators L. Louise […]

“Women must feel their responsibility for  promoting the physical, mental and spiritual advance of the race through study,” Dr. Dorothy B. Ferebee told congregants at a Women’s Day Observance at Norfolk’s St. John’s AME Church in 1935. According to the Norfolk Journal and Guide which recorded her message in the paper’s May 23, 1935 edition, […]

“A former student  recalled that when Miss Margaret Gordon  stood in the halls of Jacox  Junior High School  she could silence  the students with a glance. “She was tough; she was good. She was known as ‘Warden Gordon’. But everyone admits she was one of the best administrators in  the city.” This was an excerpt […]

( At my church, we sing a song entitled “I’m Not Tired Yet.”  I love that song because it gives me the energy and the inspiration to persevere. Originally performed by The Mississippi Mass Choir, “I’m Not Tired Yet” allows you to leave your bed in the morning with a positive approach to the day, […]

In January of 2009, Michelle Robinson Obama became the first African-American  first lady of the United States as wife of its first Black President Barack H. Obama. Mrs. Obama,  a trained lawyer, health care corporate executive, once mentored her husband as a co-worker. The couple are the parents of two girls who are bound likely to repeat […]

By Leonard E. Colvin Chief Reporter New Journal and Guide There are over 40 listings on the American Cancer Society Calendar related to the awareness, fight and prevention efforts addressing cancer in America  and around the world. January is National Cervical Health Awareness Month; in February, there is World Cancer Day (February 4);  March is […]

By Rosaland Tyler Associate Editor New Journal and Guide History remembers Willa Bazemore because she tended to leave situations better off than she found them. She held many historic posts. But she succeeded at every turn because she had a habit of applying elbow grease, intelligence, and kindness to every situation. The first person of […]

By Rosaland Tyler Associate Editor New Journal and Guide Before Ida Barbour opened the first day care center for children of color in Portsmouth in 1910, she was an old hand at turning dreams into reality. Born in 1878, she dreamed of being a teacher. Her parents, Isaac and Lucy Barbour were former slaves. They […]

By Leonard E. Colvin Chief Reporter New Journal and Guide The demographic composition of the Newport News City Council is a unique one.  There is a 4-3 Black majority. Also,  the panel has a 4-3 majority of women. Councilwoman Sandra P. Scott has the longest tenure. And in order of election,  there are Sandra N. Cherry, […]