Sunday, June 25, 2017

Leonard E. Colvin

When  Glen Mason first  waded into the field of mainstream media in the early 1970s, the waters of Jim Crow racism were receding, but yet alive. It was somewhat historic when Glen Mason became “head copy boy” and later an editorial assistant at the daily Ledger-Star newspaper in Norfolk.  William “Bill” Forbes was the first […]

On June 16, President Donald J. Trump traveled to southern Florida to announce what seems to be a partial roll back of the Obama-era policies to normalize  political and economic relations with Cuba. Supporters of the reforms imposed by President Obama in 2014 say they are relieved Trump did not dismantle all of the reforms. […]

Polls will open at 6 a.m. for the June 13 Primary to allow Democrats and Republicans to choose the candidates they want  to stand for election in the state’s top three offices, the House of Delegates and various Constitutional offices come General Election Day November 7. You can vote in person using an absentee ballot […]

Clarence L. Sessoms, a well-known former Norfolk educator, fraternity and civic leader, passed on May 28 at age 93. Sessoms was born in Ahoskie, North Carolina, but  grew up in the Huntersville section of Norfolk.  He was a long time health and physical education instructor and an administrator with the Norfolk Public Schools. He also was […]

Before Lafeetah Byrum signed up as New Virginia Majority Climate Justice Organizer and began organizing people on the impact of coal dust, she had a personal experience with the issue. Her mother retired from the Navy after 24 years and landed in Norfolk, as many others  have done after leaving the military. Byrum attended Old Dominion University […]

For thirty days from May 27 and until June 24,  Imam Vernon Fareed and other Muslims are observing Ramadan. The 30-period of personal deprivation and rereading  of the Quran, the faith holy book,  is held during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, which  rotates  from season to season each year. From dawn  to sundown, most […]

Recently the city of New Orleans completed the removal of Civil War  Monuments as residents showed their opposition or support for removing them. Just recently in Charlottesville, Virginia,  the leader of  a White Supremacist group led a torch light procession through the city protesting that city’s efforts to remove them. Shortly afterwards, led by the city’s Mayor, […]

Regina Mobley is proudly celebrating her 25th year as the Primary News Anchor for ABC-13 WVEC-TV, and 32 years in broadcasting in Hampton  Roads. A native of Norfolk, Mobley graduated from Granby High School in 1979 and went on to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications from Norfolk State University in 1983. She started her […]

Each day, thousands of  Norfolk Southern railcars, gorged with coal from Virginia and West Virginia mines,  flow along on tracks to the Lambert’s Point Pier in Norfolk. There, the precious cargo  is unloaded and shipped to ports around the world. Despite the reduction of its use as fuel for heat and power factories due to global warming, the […]

Recently Norfolk Mayor Kenneth C. Alexander delivered his first “State of the City”  address outlining his administration’s achievements, frustrations and  future goals for continued growth of the city. A week earlier, he had conducted an hour-long interview with the New Journal Guide where he talked intimately about his views on various issues, policies and his own […]