Saturday, May 27, 2017


By Jim Clingman Editor’s Note: After a meeting between Bob Johnson and Donald Trump before he was sworn into office, Johnson wrote a press release and did several interviews to disclose the particulars of that meeting. Part one of his interview with Jim Clingman appeared in last week’s New Journal and Guide. ◆◆◆ Bob: Let’s […]

By Jim Clingman ( One of the post-election highlights for me was the meeting between Donald Trump and Bob Johnson.  Billionaire to billionaire, Democrat to Republican, Black to White, businessman to businessman, capitalist to capitalist, meeting on a relatively even playing field to discuss some of the “what now issues” was intriguing to say the […]

By Rosaland Tyler Associate Editor New Journal and Guide “Be careful going in search of adventure – it‘s ridiculously easy to find,” travel writer William Least Heat-Moon once said. Black-owned businesses, which rank No. 9 in Virginia, were not necessarily what Heat-Moon had in mind when he made the comment.  Black-owned businesses, however, offer a […]

By James Clingman ( Having read some of the post-election statements by our top Black organizations, and after watching some of their leaders on TV news shows, commenting and lamenting the loss by the Dems, I thought about the effectiveness of our champions for civil rights, economic empowerment, and political empowerment.  How effective have they […]