Thursday, June 29, 2017

Black History

HAMPTON A national initiative, HOPE CREW, was launched at Fort Monroe National Monument in Hampton on June 19 that will help preserve the fort’s historic structures. In partnership with the National Park Service and the Fort Monroe Authority, HOPE Crew will deploy a team of national experts and young, local participants to rehabilitate Fort Monroe […]

In a rare display of bipartisanship in Congress, the United States House of Representatives voted to establish a commission to examine 400 years of African-American history. House bill H.R. 1242 is designed “to develop and carry out activities throughout the United States to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of Africans in the English […]

Throughout 2017, the U.S. Navy is observing the centennial anniversary of the opening and dedication of the Norfolk Naval Base/Station. In the coming weeks, the New Journal and Guide will be presenting a series of articles detailing told and untold stories related to the African-American experience  at the sprawling complex. Most of the articles in the […]

This year  the nation and city of Norfolk will celebrate the 100th Anniversary  of the opening of the Naval Operating Base Hampton Roads at Sewells Point,  known  today as Naval Station Norfolk. The facility is the largest Naval base in the world and  is part of the network of Navy, Marine, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard […]

VIRGINIA BEACH The Seatack Community Civic League hosted its 3rd Annual CITYWIDE BLACK HISTORY PROGRAM on Saturday, February 18, 2017 at the Joseph V. Grimstead, Sr. Seatack Recreation Center. This year’s observance presented “Life Time Achievement Awards” to four Hampton Roads citizens: Presiding Bishop Ted Thomas – National Board of Bishops Church of God In […]

By James Clingman ( “There are [Blacks] who are willing to worship the pyramids of 4,000 years ago but will not build pyramids in the present so their children may see what they left behind as well. We have a leadership who rallies the people to look at past glories but leave their children neglected…” […]

By Leonard E. Colvin Chief Reporter New Journal and Guide Today, Virginia Beach, the state’s largest city, is a patchwork of seven voting districts and a number of neighborhoods, home to a variety  of economically and socially diverse residents. In the early 1960s a large swatch  of land called Princess Anne  County,  adjacent to a slice […]

By Leonard E. Colvin Chief Reporter New Journal and Guide African-American achievement in civil rights and Black historical sacred sites were represented well when  the Virginia Department of Historic Resources recently approved new state historical highway markers. Of the 13 new state markers, several are devoted to highlighting Black history in Virginia. The sites are […]

By James Wright  Special to the Trice Edney News Wire from the Afro American Newspapers ( U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine and U.S. Rep. Bobby Scott, Democrats from Virginia, want to set up a federal panel to study the contributions and accomplishments of Blacks in America. On Feb. 11, Kaine and Scott were joined by Sen. Mark […]

CHESAPEAKE Tidewater Seniors in Action hosted a luncheon program entitled “Moments in Black History” on February 4 at the Indian River Community Center. Mistress of Ceremony was the group’s president, Ms. Ann Geter. Poetry, exhibits and Black History artifacts were the order of the day as guests celebrated and honored famous African-Americans in Hampton Roads […]