Friday, June 23, 2017


Half of the nation’s voters already think President Donald Trump has weakened the United States’ role in the world, according to a new McClatchy-Marist poll. Trump has been criticized for a series of errors including a raid in Yemen that left a Navy Seal dead, insulting German Chancellor Angela Merkel by refusing to shake her […]

By Sean C. Bowers Only 123 million of a total 300 million Americans voted in the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote 63 to 60 million votes. That means roughly 20 percent or 1 in 5 Americans voted for Donald Trump. The unarguable math shows 80 percent or 4 out of 5 […]

Submitted by Dr. Vivian Anderson According to the latest FOX NEWS polls, (other polls basically agree). “Fully 92 percent of Americans say they believe in YAWUWAH, the Capital GOD.” Only 5 percent say they do not, while the remaining 3 percent are not sure. This statistic, however, is not as encouraging as it sounds. When […]

By Ruby H. Walden     I am not intellectually astute as to the meaning of a traitor or who a traitor really is. And evidently I neither know the meaning of the act of treason. But with what I do know about those two acts as described as traitor and treason, it should be brought […]

By Jesse Jackson, Sr. ( In the presidential campaign, we’ve seen libels on immigrants, fear mongering about Syrian refugees, arguments over Medicare for All and Obamacare, concerns about big money corrupting our politics and more. But too little attention has been paid to the one thing on which there should be consensus within and between […]