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George Floyd Painting Among Local Art Gallery Displays


The Artists Gallery announces a special display of art dealing with current issues, beginning with the hanging of Meryl Ann Butler’s exceptional piece In Memorium: Soul of Light (George Floyd).

According to Butler, the murder of Floyd was heavy on her heart, but she understood there must be some positive aspects. However, “I wasn’t feeling that until I started to paint the portrait.”

In order to get more details than the Floyd selfie photo offered, she meditated. “In my mind’s eye, I saw the luminosity of his soul, and as I painted, I got inner nudges about how to address the details. I only used pure vibrant colors as a way to express the light. The song ‘I am Light’ by India Arie kept coming into my mind, so I used  ‘Soul of Light” as part of the title.”

“In the aftermath,” she says, “we are starting to see the pendulum swing from desolate darkness toward some astounding instances of compassion, sanity and enlightenment — so that is what I am trying to impart in this painting.” The painting is designed to lift people up into hope, “which is where we need to be, in order to create positive change.

Other Artists Gallery artists are being invited to place their own positive expressions about current events in the display, entitled “ARTISTS SPEAK”, and intended to show progress toward change and healing for the community.

The Artists Gallery is an artists’ co-operative providing space for working, exhibiting and showcasing original fine art by local and regional artists. Over 40 artists display their artwork and many have studios where they create art and discuss their work with visitors. All art in the gallery is for sale.

 The Artists Gallery is located in the purple building at 532 Virginia Beach Boulevard in the ViBe District in Virginia Beach.

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