Thursday, June 29, 2017

Local Voices: Litany of Tyranny

The press that reports YOUR actions is not the enemy, Mr. President. The TRUTH is your enemy, your kryptonite. And if need be, I will be Sir (Sean) Walter Cronkite for the sake of this article’s “WAKE UP, AMERICA” exercise.

Tyrants are the by-product of the loudest, wealthiest, most self-serving rants, on this “Making-America-Even-More-Racist-Tour, (turned call and (no real) answers chants.)
Without truth, without facts, without the checks and balances of the rule of law, our three-part system (President, Congress and Senate) are ripe for manipulating, thereby the most vulnerable (young, elderly and the poor) triangulating. When the unbalanced, are left unchecked, you, Mr. President, are what we get.

It was a warning sign when you said that you were the only (delusional) one who could fix it. It was another red flag when you, on National T.V., you invited Russia to meddle (GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE) in our elections.

It was a total disaster when you stated how “easy” health care was, and that we were ALL going to get better, for less, without losing anything, under your “now-more complicated-than-it-looks,” Trump (FAIRY TALE) Care. The old sales adage is: we all want the best, for less, now. Reality is: you can ever only get two of the three. Never have all three been possible, as they are irrefutable like laws of science, laws of nature, laws of the universe, and just like gravity, they have consequences. (Like when you throw more things in the air than you can catch.) The same way it is a law and a proven fact over time, (repeatedly) through our very own democracy that cutting taxes for the wealthy, while doubling spending, does not, nor has it ever, trickled down.

Why is that? Because the rich are not obligated nor required to invest. They can and most often keep the savings (what was supposed to be taxes to build THEIR “AMERICA” til THEY have to pay for it) now seen as profits off of the United States (at our expense.) You, sir are a prime (RATE) poster child example of this.

Good business or Better Business Bureaus exist to protect the common man. With six known bankrupt companies on your record, you are the exact type of (scammer & shammer combo) business owner, the BBB exists to protect us from. Modeling anything after your flawed business practices would be downright idiotic.

So now you and twenty-two of the nation’s conservative Republican’s guard want to pull out of the Paris Global Warming Agreement with over 195 world nations, because it’s “tough on the economy and bad for business because of all the regulation.” (NO Crap Sherlock, it will cost us all dearly to fix the planet, we are ruining. You won’t have an economy to fix, if you don’t fix the planet first! One’s more grave, one’s got more gravity.) The planet, Sir, does not get a do-over when you are out of office. We can’t turn the planet down like an air-conditioning unit on one of your out-of-business casino rooms. Your challenge, Mr. President, is to do the RIGHT thing, unite America to lead the clean energy movement – Re-Revolution example for the rest of the world, instead of killing it, in a short, far, near sighted blind death oven for us all.

I know you didn’t pay your taxes. You didn’t ever intend to pay your taxes. You think it’s cool and smart to loophole your way past even your fair share. You use other people’s money as your own until the bill comes due. In the end, Mr. President, you are that guy who abuses everyone, the (self-proclaimed) know-it-all, who orders everything for everyone and then forgot his wallet, yet again.

Cutting America’s after-school programs doesn’t affect your son, Baron, but those of us who live in the real world, know that our youth need more dedicated programs to promote their successes, which, in turn, leads to success for all.

Tyranny is not exclusive to the past, people! Like slavery, it just takes another form: Reconstruction, Jim Crow, Civil Rights, War on Drugs, Three Strikes, the industrial military and prison complexes, and now you, the devil, we do know (complete with his own version of Orange, which is defiantly not the new Black.)

Wait for it… the terrorism excuse for endless martial law comes right out of “ON TYRANNY,” a new short small $7 handbook by Timothy Snyder, available in book stores now. MUST READ!!!!
Mr. President, Why not get someone to read it to you at nighty-night time. See if you don’t recognize yourself in there.

Sean C. Bowers is a local progressive youth development coach, author and poet, who has written for the New Journal and Guide  for eighteen years. His recent book of over 120 NJ&G articles detailing the issues is available via e-mail at and he does make large-scale solutions presentations upon request.

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